07 August 2009

Your Homework Assignment is to Watch "Marked Woman" on TCM

Marked Woman (1937) starring Bette Davis is on Turner Classic Movies tomorrow (Saturday 8/8) at 9:30 PST.

If you've never seen it before I absolutely insist that you watch or record it. Don't get TCM? Then now is the time to rent it. Don't have a DVD player? Well for crying out loud what's the matter with you? And by the way, if you have seen it before I absolutely insist that you watch it again.

Marked Woman features one of Davis' four or five best performance and given the kind of career she had I obviously mean that as high praise indeed. Davis plays what is euphemistically called a "party girl" (you'll get what she really is) working in a mob run joint who decides to name names. Humphrey Bogart plays the crusading district attorney which is interesting considering that this was a time in his career when he usually portrayed guys on the the other side of the law.

Marked Woman is too little appreciated and too little known so let's make sure we all watch it. If enough of you do I may even write a post about it next week. Or hell, maybe one of you will beat me to it.

Any questions about your homework?


Juliette. said...

This is my absolute favorite Bette movie (after All About Eve, which is implied, haha)...thanks for getting the word out about it. :)

Scott said...

I've set my DVR to record Marked Woman just like you said. I'll probably watch it around next Tuesday so don't tell me how it ends before then.

Meredith said...

i already beat you to it :D

(my old blog) http://celluloidrequiem.wordpress.com/2008/02/06/marked-woman-1937-directed-by-lloyd-bacon/#respond