30 April 2022

Dumb Expressions, Diversity Everywhere, Our Trip into Sausalito

Photo by author of Alcatraz taken during ferry ride

Yesterday I heard someone say: “long time no see.” I don’t understand the enduring popularity of this “phrase.” Is it that difficult to say, “haven’t seen you in a long time”? Or is it that “long time no see” is so damn cute? Long time not want to hear.

Then there’s “no can do.” I’ve been hearing this one since I was a child too. There’s no excuse for it. How about, “I can’t do it” or even “I can’t” or even simply “can’t.” No can tolerate this one.

The hilarious question: “working hard or hardly working?” is long past its expiration date too.

As a child I was always baffled by this one: “age before beauty.” Huh? Did that mean an older person should go before a beautiful one? Isn’t it potentially insulting? I think this one is fading out of use. Good riddance.

Heard it again this morning while watching a footie match. Commentator said, “I was just thinking in my head.” It’s as bad as: “I thought to myself.” Let’s be clear, one can only think to themself and one can only think within their own head. Try to do otherwise and if you succeed, let me know.


I saw a tweet today in which someone had a collage of twelve famous actresses past and present and asked which three you’d choose if you were cast a movie. Among the twelve were Bette Davis, Cate Blanchett, Katharine Hepburn and Whoopi Goldberg. I looked at the replies and noted the various choices people made as well as comments regarding great actresses who were not included — apparently there have been more than twelve great actresses that have graced the screen. There were also several comments about the lack of diversity among the twelve as only two people of color were included. This gave me pause. What is the obligation of the person creating such a tweet? Can you not merely name your twelve favorites? Do you have to include a certain number of actresses of color and if so, how many? There were two of twelve. Would people have complained if there were four? Should half the list been women of color? What is the right amount? Certainly there need be some. One person objected to the fact that there were no Asian or Indian actresses. Should you be expected to have one Asian, one Indian, at least two African-American actresses? How about Latinas? There should be at least one. How about LGBTQ actresses? Again, at least one. Someone else pointed out that most of the actresses were from the last fifty years of film. Should each decade of Hollywood history been represented? There were no Jewish actress. Can the author of the tweet be rightfully accused of anti-semitism? And why just Hollywood?  There were no French, Scandinavian or Italian actresses. No Jeanne Moreau, Liv Ullman or Monica Vitti. So let’s see where we are, we need two African American, one Latina, one LGBTQ, one Indian, one Asian, one Jew, at least two representing different countries. We’re up to nine so I’m guessing the last three can be regular straight American white ladies — but we need to have them from different eras. Then we’re all set. Have fun making your list. 

But seriously folks, it is an issue. If you’re asked who your favorite authors are you better include some women and some African Americans, not to mention representatives of other minority groups. And having just one of each is going to seem like tokenism. If you create a poster for a reading program in schools you better have an equal number of boys and girls and representatives of as many ethnic groups as you can and don’t forget a kid who uses a wheelchair. I don’t say this is wrong, but it is predicable, just as seeing nothing but white kids being depicted in text books was the way it was when I was a kid. We’ve made great progress in making sure all groups are represented (less progress in making sure there’ll all treated equally and all have the same opportunities in life — but one thing at a time). But do we need to worry about the fact that all of Bob’s favorite singers are white? Do we need to vilify someone on Twitter for creating a list that reflects their interests but doesn’t celebrate diversity? How far do our obligations go? Should the people who directed their ire at the list of twelve actresses have directed their ire at a greater evil, one that is more pernicious or threatening? Surely picking on one private citizen's montage of twelve actresses is not the best use of one's time. 


Took the ferry into Sausalito Thursday with the missus. There is something wonderfully satisfying about being on the water. It's calming, almost to the point of being re-assuring. The movement of the boat, the waves, the salty air, the briskness of the wind. Wonderful therapy. Sausalito is a nice little town that boasts incredible views of the bay in general and San Francisco in particular. There are restaurants aplenty, many of which serve seafood (yummy, my favorite). Of course many of these fine eateries are priced for the tourist trade which is to safe they are more expensive than comparable restaurants that are by landfills or factories. We found an inexpensive Mom and Pop fish and chip shop. Reasonably priced and delicious. We strolled around soaking in the views and slurping down gelatos. There was a bookstore we stopped in -- I can never resist them -- that was well curated. I actually managed not to buy anything. We encountered people throughout our journey. During our walk to the BART station, riding the train, queuing for the ferry, on the ride itself, in Sausalito, on the ride back, again on BART and during our walk home. None of them spit on me as did one gent earlier in the week as I detailed in the previous post. Indeed, all our encounters with fellow Homo sapiens were quite pleasant. That's usually the way it is. Nice day.

27 April 2022

Expectorate is Directed at Me, Authorities Intervene at My Request, Another Tale of the City

I was spit at yesterday.

Strolling home from my haircut I passed an older gent who was sitting on a bench talking a mile a minute. I was lost in thought so didn’t quite pick up what he was on about. However I got the sense that he was talking to no one and everyone and much of his language was, shall we say, salty. This is not unusual in Berkeley, nor for that matter in most cities of any size in this country.

I arrived at a large intersection (University and Shattuck for those of you who know the city) just as the light turned red. I’d have over twenty seconds before I could continue on my way home. I don’t know what possessed me to, but I looked back which happened to be in the direction for the rambling old man. At that he sprang to his feet cussing a blue streak at me. He was probably in his sixties, African-American, dressed rather nicely for someone who suredly was suffering mental/emotional distress. He was bearded and missing a few teeth and medium height and average weight. I thought it risky to turn my back to him but also reasoned that I shouldn’t make direct eye contact.

The old gent called me every name in the book and I — wisely, I believed — said nothing. Finally he spit at me. Somehow I can still see that spittle flying in my direction, missing me by centimeters. I’m used to street people cussing at me but I draw the line at being spit at. It’s a health risk. The proper thing to do, I decided was to inform the police. 

As I got out my phone the spitter returned to his bench but continued to direct his ire at me telling me to go ahead and call the police, “I don’t care,” he insisted.

While I waited for an officer, a young man came up to me and in Northern European accent told me he’d seen the incident and was sorry about what happened. This seemed to enrage the spitter who again rose and approached my new friend directing invectives at him and again at me. We backed up making sure to be safely out of spitting range.

An officer soon arrived and I described what had taken place. The gendarme asked what I’d like done. “Isn’t that your call?” I asked, confused by his question. The copper told me that I could prefer charges and the spitter would then be placed under arrest. I said that I didn’t think that being arrest was going to benefit anyone, least of all the deranged old man. The lawman said he could evaluate him to see if he needed “services.” This sounded infinitely more reasonable.The man clearly needed help. Spitting at strangers — especially those who are innocent of any wrongdoing — is a sure sign that someone has serious mental issues that need addressing by a trained professional.

The policeman took down my information (name, ID, phone number) then approached the spitter. By this time a young woman was talking to my assailant and he seemed — from a distance — calm. 

I went on my way satisfied that I’d done the right thing. I was not shaken by the incident, I never felt physically threatened over frightened. As a life long city dweller I’ve seen all manner of individual and heard probably anything awful thing that one person can say to another. I’d never been spit at before but as I remained dry it wasn’t ultimately upsetting. I’m one hundred per cent sure I did the right thing in not asking for his arrest and I’m glad that the local constabulary are willing and able to perform mental health checks and pass those who need it on to those who can help them.

The rest of my walk home was incident free, which is generally how one prefers their walks. 

25 April 2022

World's Oldest Person Dies, But What a Life

Kane Tanaka

The world’s oldest person died last week
, Kane Tanaka of Japan  had reached the ripe old age of 119. She was born on January 2, 1903, ten months before the Wright brothers first manned flight and a few months before construction began on the Panama Canal and six months before the first modern Olympic Games were held. She was born in the same year as Joan Crawford, Johnny Weismuller, Count Basie, Glenn Miller, Pretty Boy Floyd, Robert Oppenheimer, and Dr. Seuess, all of whom pre-deceased her by at least thirty-eight years. The year she was born Adolph Hitler was a teenager, Franklin Roosevelt was twenty-one. Zelda Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong, Marlene Dietrich, Ernest Hemingway and Humphrey Bogart were toddlers. Women did not have the vote. Theodore Roosevelt was in his first term as United States president. 

Ms. Tanaka was nine years old when the Titanic hit an iceberg. She was eleven when World War I started. During her teens that war ended and there was a revolution in Russia. Not only was Babe Ruth still playing when she was a teen, he was still a pitcher and played for the Boston Red Sox. Also during her teens King Tut’s tomb was discovered, prohibition went into effect in the U.S., the NFL and ACLU were founded, Charlie Chaplin’s first feature, The Kid, was released, Sacco and Vanzetti were found guilty, radio broadcasts began.

When young, Ms. Tanaka could have conversed with American Civil War veterans who were still only in their seventies and Native American survivors of the Battle of Little Big Horn (aka Custer’s Last Stand) who were in their sixties.

She was twenty-three when Queen Elizabeth II was born — plenty old enough to be her mother. In fact she was old enough to have given birth to Betty Friedan, Rodney Dangerfield, Mickey Rooney, Ray Bradbury, Charlie Parker, Judy Garland, Betty White, Anne Frank and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. 

If she’d been a U.S. citizen she could have voted for Calvin Coolidge in the 1924 presidential election — or his Democratic opponent, John Davis. Then again she could have voted for Progressive Party candidate Robert La Follette — I would have.

If her memory was in tact in her last days, she would have remembered the Roaring Twenties, the publication of The Great Gatsby, the Great Depression and the Reichstag Fire. 

By the time World War II ended she was already forty-two. When she turned sixty-five and became a senior citizen, Martin Luther King Jr. and Bobby Kennedy were still alive, the war in Vietnam was still raging and the Watergate scandal was still over four years away. (She was already seventy-one when Nixon resigned as a consequence of that scandal.)

Ms. Tanaka turned 100 before the U.S. invasion of Iraq and five years before Barack Obama was elected president.

This remarkable woman was around for a lot of human history, from the first flight, to the moon landing from the birth of the Model T, to the electric car. The entire existence of the USSR was within her lifetime, including the fourteen years before it came into being and the thirty years since its dissolution. Within her lifetime there was Russia's war with Japan and their invasion of the Ukraine with two World Wars in between as well as numerous civil wars, violent revolutions and "police actions." Virtually the entire history of the cinema has been within her lifetime, as well as all of television's history and the coming of the World Wide Web.

Ms. Tanaka is officially the second oldest person ever, trailing only Jeanne Calment who lived to the age of 122 -- from 1875 to 1997. I intend to give them both a run for their money.

19 April 2022

An Interesting Squirrel Encounter and Reflections on a Toddler's Birthday Party

A campus squirrel, photo taken by author

Yesterday morning during a walk I came across a squirrel. Admittedly this is not unusual. As is the case with most squirrel encounters, this particular rascal was on a tree at the time of our meeting. He (or she) was at just below my eye level and had stopped to observe me. As is my want, I in turn, stopped to look at the animal, me being a long-time squirrel fancier. It should here be noted that your typical squirrel will usually give a human a few second long look -- if that -- before scurrying (squirrels are great ones for scurrying) on its way. But this one held its ground — so to speak. Said squirrel was watching me as if with great curiosity. It showed no fear.

I tested the waters and moved a few inches closer to the squirrel which I’ll heretofore refer to as Kelly (a name chosen because of its suitability for both males and females). This is the point where you can pretty much guarantee that a wild animal will take flight — save perhaps a bengal tiger and other large carnivores which might instead initiate pursuit. In any event Kelly didn’t move a muscle. I risked inching yet a bit closer. At last Kelly, shall we say, blinked. But even at that s/he did not flee. Instead Kelly merely made her/his way around to the other side of the tree and continued observing me only now from a different angle.

This was most curious. 

I again moved a few inches closer to my furry friend. (I should here insert that I talked to Kelly the entire time, asking after her/his health, recent activities and what s/he thought of the stand-off we were in.) I should further add that at no point did Kelly respond, the power of speech not among this remarkable squirrel's skillset. Surely now, I thought, the squirrel will bid me adieu. But no, Kelly held firm. Much to my astonishment Kelly not only did not depart the premises but leaned forward as if in attempt to smell me.

Here in Berkeley one is used to aggressive squirrels on the university campus where they are notorious moochers. Campus squirrels (as they are known) have learned two things: humans are no real threat, humans often offer snacks to cute four-legged creatures. But this was not a campus squirrel. Our encounter took place on a leafy Berkeley street in a leafy Berkeley neighborhood. In terms of squirrel-human encounters this might as well have been on a lonely peak in the Sierra Nevadas. So Kelly’s boldness was surprising. 

I greatly regretted that I didn’t happen to have any walnuts in my pockets. I had nothing to offer but my friendship. Squirrels prefer nuts. 

Inevitably Kelly realized there were no snacks forthcoming and s/he’d seen and heard as much of me as could possibly be of interest. My friend at last departed — but not hurriedly, mind you. It was as if Kelly had other matters to attend to. For that matter, so did I.

Now twenty-four hours later I wonder at the odds of meeting Kelly again. I may take another stroll down the same street, this time with treats on hand. Maybe a friendship can develop. Who knows?


Saturday last I attended the third birthday of my youngest grandniece. Upon arriving (we were first on the scene) most other adults paid their respects to the honoree and then left her to her own devices which principally entailed playing with her peers. Some I’m sure never did acknowledge her, merely dropping their gift in a pile then finding a fellow adult to chat with, later joining in the singing of happy birthday but otherwise not giving a thought to the birthday girl. I saw one bloke arrive late and immediately head for friends not offering so much as a how-do-you to the person whose birth we were celebrating.

Such it is with so many social occasions. Weddings, retirement parties, memorial services et al are often excuses for old friends and relatives to gather and chat heedless of the occasion. In Saturday’s case the little cherub’s birthday was the raison d’être for people to see one another and catch up. 

Of course I bantered a bit with my nephews and select others but also made a point of hanging with grandniece who I (with the missus) often babysit and have an excellent relationship with.

I like toddlers. They’re not trying to convince you of anything. They don’t bullshit you and only offer the most obvious of lies. If they exaggerate it’s clearly for effect. They’re not trying to sell you anything. They don’t argue over politics or sports. Best of all they like to have fun, are generally amusing and easily amused. They like hugs and running about aimlessly. They also tend to be incredibly cute and laugh easily and heartily. Sure they’re prone to crying, often over trivial matters, but they don’t then sink into depression. It's as if at a young age they realize that life is too short for that sort of nonsense. 

I was a toddler myself once though I remember little of those days. I know from old photographs that I was particularly cute. I’ve been told I was especially playful and fun. It was a good time in life, free from responsibilities. There was so much to discover. Everything was taken at face value. People are nice to you when you’re a wee one. You’re held, can sit on laps and are constantly complimented. Meals are provided. You’re not expected to do any chores. You’re often the center of attention but can take naps in the middle of the day without judgments. 

It’s better than being a baby when you can’t walk, don’t have words and are incontinent. It’s better than being school age when suddenly you’re confined to a schoolroom for several hours a day for most of the year. There you are forced to learn what you’re told not what you’re necessarily interested in.

Then, of course, you enter your teens and face all the attendant woes, struggles, complications and worries. No the toddler years are the best.

I’ve got to remember to tell grandniece the next time I see her.

15 April 2022

Viscous Cycle: A Viewing of 400 Blows Inspires Thoughts on Dealing With "Bad Boys"

I watched Francois Truffaut's 400 Blows (1959) yesterday, an exquisite film to look at, but a difficult one to contemplate. See how schools fail those unmanageable, unmotivated students. Harsh discipline is meted out in a classic case of insanity being doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. This was late fifties Paris but it could have been 21st century America. I've been out of the biz since 2008 so who knows, by now public schools may have figured out how to turn errant young people into model students (and perhaps pigs have mastered the art of flight). To be fair, school discipline became more progressive and effective (if only just) during my time and I imagine that improvement has continued apace. But ultimately the problem has a lot to do with the basic structure of schools. Young people are not meant to be gotten up at the crack of dawn then cooped up in rooms (that can have the feel -- I daresay sometimes even the look) of prisons and being fed a lot of information they don't care a whit about and seems irrelevant. Society keeps reforming schools when a revolution is in order. Still, teachers are dedicated people with high ideals and a strong sense of duty and are amazingly successful against terrific odds.

Educators have finally figured out that merely meting out punishment doesn't work. Rewards systems have been put in place and they are more successful -- if barely. 

One of the problems, as we see in the film, is the notion of suspending students for there misdeeds. On the face of it, it's a ridiculous idea. You are keeping out of school the very people who most need to be there. Suspended students are generally the ones who are behind in their studies, suspension only sets them further back. For a short time the school I taught in had in-house suspension. This was much better as students were thus not a burden on working parents nor likely to be roaming the streets. They were supervised and given classwork to do. A good solution, right? But it was eliminated because the majority of students serving the suspensions were African American so it "looked bad." In other words, let's pretend that a problem that exists doesn't exist. We went back to sending students home when suspended. Of course.

In The 400 Blows our young protagonist, Antoine, is a thief and a liar. Like many young people who struggle with authority, his home life is not ideal. Mom, who is on her second marriage, is having an affair, something our protagonist discovers while playing hooky. More concerning, she's indifferent to her son. Step-dad is okay as long as everything is peachy but when Antoine gets out of line he responds harshly. The boy is in a vicious cycle both at home and school. His teacher cares about his charges but shows it through unyielding discipline and zero tolerance. 

The more he is punished, the more defiant Antoine becomes. The more he fails the more he accepts failure as his due. The angrier adults get at him, the more sullen and disagreeable he comes. Lies lead to more lies. Punishments don't change attitudes, they harden them. Vicious cycles.

Antoine's naturally gravitates towards boy who are similarly ambivalent about school. This is common and natural. Vicious cycles. Antoine's defiance is buttressed by similarly inclined lads and by the time he is sent to an observation center for troubled youths, after an overnight stay in jail (not juvey either, adult jail) he's got even more peer influences to lead him further astray. Vicious cycles.

We are left to wonder about Antoine's future after the film's iconic closing shot. It's likely bleak but there are stories aplenty of troubled youths "turning their life around" to offer some hope. After all, he seems a bright lad, certainly resourceful. Absent serious intellectual deficits and being a true sociopath, there's a fighting chance.*

The truth is that the world has never been kind to youth who don't toe the line. The line can be a delicate one to walk for youngsters with rebellious streaks. I had one of my own but it manifest more in partaking of drugs and alcohol at a young age, which somehow never impinged on my academic achievements -- which were significant given my proclivity to buck the system.

As I said at the outset, The 400 Blows is a beautiful film to look at. The opening shots of Paris alone are magnificent. The overhead view from roofs and windows of a class out on a jaunt in which students gradually all peal away from their instructor is masterful. Paris is rendered beautifully in black and white, always looking inviting despite the nature of the story being told.

The 400 Blows is, to me, one of Truffaut's troika of masterpieces along with Shoot the Piano Player (1960) and Jules et Jim (1962). Like a lot of great films it works so well because it is personal. Much of what happens in it mirrors Truffaut's own youthful experience. Of our pain we can make art.

* Antoine appears in several later films from Truffaut as an adult and I'm happy to say he's doing all right.

11 April 2022

Meeting Young Women With Charming Grins, Eye-Getting Photos and Amazing Personalities

One of the young women written about so eloquently

Recently I was reminded of a former student who I'd always thought highly of. I googled her in hopes of learning how she was getting a long in life. I found a biography "of sorts' though it turned out to be of a different person with the same name. The person I was reading about was an Instagram star and model. The wording of the bio was quite strange, as if written by someone who was not a native English language speaker and had not yet developed English proficiency. I thought little of it at the time, but then last week I googled another young lady, this time a perspective athletic recruit to my favorite university. I'd entered the name wrong and again came upon a social media star. Here was another weirdly-worded bio. This got me interested in this strange phenomenon. So I found the names of popular female TikTok/YouTube/Instagram stars googled them and for each found word salad bios from different sites. These sites included TVGuideTime, StarkTimes, ImagesWay and WikiFamousPeople.

I do not know why these sites are ubiquitous nor why they don't employ people who can write proper English. I do know that they make for some entertaining reading so I have excerpted some below. Included are my comments about the bios. I have not used the names of the young women in question as it is no doubt embarrassing enough to be described as, for example, "a very fancy girl" or being lauded for having a "charming grin." I have left in the writers' grammar, punctuation, syntax and spelling errors, of which there were many.

She is known for her Beautiful Looks, charming grin, Modeling Poses, Style, and Amazing Personality. Her web-based media presence is developing at an amazing speed. She is additionally famous for her eye-getting Instagram pictures and Videos. Blank is a beautiful and young famous Model & Social Media Influencer who was born in California ,USA on November 5, 1998 and currently she living in California ,USA with her Family, She follows christian and she was born in a christian Family. 

"Eye-getting" Instagram pictures and videos? And who is this christian that she follows?

She was born in the United State of America. She gets early education from Homeland and also completes her Master’s In Science at High School And College. She is a very In Hard working and Intelligent Model Her education is a Graduation and now a day she is an  Instagram star and raising day by day on Instagram. She is a Social Media Influencer She is a Smart Girl. She is a 18 year, old model. She is a very Fancy Girl. She Is One of the most popular Instagram stars and models she belongs to in Germany. She has gained Lot of Fame and Money from social media she is very famous on Instagram, she beautiful queen her look and smile is Stunning. she received a lot of Popularity on social media platform but the main is Instagram. she is a Cute Instagram Star.

You're telling me this "fancy girl" (whose early education was from something called Homeland) has a Master's Degrees yet is only eighteen! Oh and her "education is Graduation." Maybe that explains it.

Blank is a swimsuit model from Ukraine. She is well known for being a swimsuit model who has featured numerous brands, agencies, and magazines. She is one of the top Ukrainian swimsuit models. She gained huge popularity in a short span of time due to her mesmerizing looks and sweet smile. She is constantly active and famous on various social media platforms including Instagram. Blank has earned over 144k followers on Instagram by posting her hot attractive modeling images and amassed her fans. Blank was born  in Ukraine. She was raised in Ukraine and completed her graduation from Ukraine. She belongs to the Christian community.

She is Young, beautiful and hot. She got slander figure. She is hugely popular among  youth. She looks like a doll. She is approximately 5’ 2 inches tall and weighs around 58 kg. He got Slim Build. He has Blue eyes and Blonde hair. She got beautiful big eyes which looks very appealing and long silky hairs. She got very attractive personality.

No. She is not from Ukraine. According to everything else I could find about this young lady she was born and raised in the U.S. Also she does not have blonde hair as can be seen from the picture of her you included in her bio. She is African-American. Also, why do you occasionally refer to her as "he?"

Blank is the popular Tiktok Star, Model, and Instagram Star from Canada. She has showed up in numerous Videos. She is known for her Beautiful Looks, charming grin, Modeling Poses, Style, and Amazing Personality. She is among one of the most moving young ladies in TikTok. She is basically popular for satire video cuts, moving recordings, and performs lip-matches up on TikTok

(Musical.ly). Her online media presence is developing at a dumbfounding speed She is likewise well known for her eye-getting Instagram pictures and Videos.

What the hell is "dumbfounding speed"?

Blank is a beautiful and young famous Social Media Influencer who was born in Cleveland, Ohio, United States on February 14, 2003 and currently she living in United States with her Family. And her birthday comes on 14th of February and on this birthday (February 14, 2021) she was turn 18. Blank is one of the beautiful and fitness freak Social Media Star and her slim waistline is so so attractive that anyone can be her crazy. Guys after doing complete research, we wrote this article about Blank biography and all Facts, So if you are a fan of Blank read this article carefully.

I read "this article carefully" as you suggested and am wondering what it means that "anyone can be her crazy."

Blank was born in the year 2001 and she belongs to the United States. As of 2020, she is 19 years of age as she celebrates her birthday every year on the 12th of June. To date, there is no dedicated Wikipedia page of Blank, however, her information is available on various other sources. She has a great body with a decent height standing 5 feet 5 inches tall. Blank has blue colored eyes which makes her look much prettier and she constantly changes her hair color. Blank is famous for her good looks and lip-syncs videos which she uploads on her Tiktok account. In fact, she is very famous on Tik Tok with 890k million followers and she has got a total of 7.9 million likes to date. Besides Tik Tok, she also uses other social media platforms including Instagram, Twitter, and Reddit to interact with her fans. The relationship status of Blank is still under the limelight, but for someone so good looking like Blank, there might be a lot of guys falling for her. To date, there is no dedicated Wikipedia page of Blank, however, her information is available on various other sources.

"She belongs to the United States of America?" Is she federal property? I'm interested in the fact that -- at least according to you -- she celebrates her birthday on the same day every year. That's weird. I'm also intrigued by her relationship status which you describe as "still under the limelight." Please explain.

Blank is an exceptionally renowned and mainstream media character and TikTok star. She can likewise be referred to as an Instagram star as she has a great many supporters there. She is known as a perspective content maker. She is likewise know for her -lip-matching up video and further her moving recordings. By her Instagram and TikTok we can likewise observer her acting aptitudes. She is found in displaying shots too.

"Exceptionally renowned"? That must be a lot better than being normally renowned. Also, what are these "displaying shots" you refer to?

Blank was born and raised in the United States. Further information about her family members and affairs is unknown. As per her date of birth Blank is 18 years. Blank's height is 5'4" and her weight is approx 50kg. She is a beautiful girl with brown eyes and black hair. This page will put a light upon the Blank's  bio, wiki, age, birthday, family details, affairs, boyfriend, controversies, caste, height, weight, rumors, lesser-known facts, and more.

First you say that information about her affairs is unknown -- as if that's any of your business -- then you promise to "put a light upon" -- among other things -- her controversies, caste and rumors. I think you need to stay in your lane.

(Note: I'm making up a fake name for this one for reasons that will be obvious). Jane Smith is a beautiful and young famous Tik Toker and Social Media Influencer who was born in United States on August 3, 2003 and currently she is living in United States with her Family. And her birthday comes on 3rd of August and this birthday (August 3, 2021) she will turn 19. Her real name is Jane Smith, but people also know him by the name Jane (Her Nick Name).

She takes great care of her fitness and for this, she does workout regularly, yoga and exercises every day But you also know that a diet plan is very necessary for a strong and fit body. She goes regularly basis to the gym and whenever she is not able to go to the gym, she works out at home

You say people know "him" by the name Jane and that's a nickname. That's her freaking first name, dudes. But I'm glad to know that she goes to the gym on a "regularly basis."

(Note: Again I'm using a fake name for this young lady.) Linda Jackson's is an American Instagram Celebrity who has a net worth is $1 Million. She is majorly known for her travel, lifestyle, and modeling photos on her Instagram account. Born on 30 May 2002, Linda Jackson’s age is 19 years as of 2022. She was born and raised in a middle-class family from Naples, Florida, the United States. She is known to hold an American nationality and has her belief in the Christianity religion. Linda Jackson’s father’s name is Mr. Jackson who is a librarian by profession and her mother’s name is Mrs. Jackson who is a homemaker.

Majorly known? She "holds" an American nationality. But I like best is that her parents are best known as Mr. and Mrs. Jackson. That's quite a scoop.

07 April 2022

Republicans are Idiots, Conservatives are Morons and the Right Has no Moral Compass -- I Respond to Tweets -- From Twitter

Ketanji Brown Jackson about to join the Supreme Court

A regular and beloved feature of this blog is my monthly look at headlines wherein I offer comments on the day's news. Today, for the second time, I'm instead commenting on tweets from -- as you could probably guess -- Twitter. Below you will find actual tweets from and my responses to them. Enjoy!

History suggests Republicans have a midterm advantage – but they could blow it: columnist.

One can only hope.

Too many of our pilots, flight attendants and crew members are dealing with unacceptable abuse from passengers — everything from kicking to spitting to biting. This behavior is inappropriate and puts other crew and passengers at risk.

City bus drivers don’t have to put up with this kind of crap. Me thinks a lot of folks need to be banned from flying. What all this says about the course of civilization is frightening. 

Do you track your reading throughout the year?

No, should I? This year I’ve started tracking the films I’ve watched. Should I add books I’ve read? 

Rep. Paul Gosar is being promoted as a 'featured guest' at an upcoming white nationalist event scheduled on Hitler's birthday.

And this is a representative in the U.S Congress? In the 21st century? My lord. It is at once unsurprising and terrifying.

Spain criminalizes harassment and intimidation of women having abortions 

Esto es progreso. Bravo España.

Both the juice and the peel of lemons or limes could help lower blood pressure. Squeeze some in your water before and after you go for a walk.

Thankfully my blood pressure is fine.

Republicans will do the wrong thing today.

Yes, yes they will.

Woman excused from Cruz jury after saying ‘sugar daddy’ needed her.


The US is at risk of running out of money to fight Covid. The immediate effects—the end of free boosters, care for the uninsured, etc.—will be plenty. It'll also significantly hinder our ability to protect ourselves from future outbreaks.

Yet billionaires don’t pay taxes. This country….

Devin Nunes claims Trump's Truth Social app has turned Twitter into a 'ghost town’

How do conservatives say these things with a straight face?

Everyday Buddhist: Followers of the way: You can't know your mind as long as you deceive yourself. 

The worst lies are the ones we tell ourselves.

Alabama lawmakers are using the last day of their legislative session to consider a bill that would criminalize medically-necessary care for trans youth. Gender-affirming care is life-saving care.

I often think that Lincoln should have let the southern states secede. 

NLRB reported recently that filings for union representation filings are up a whopping 57% this fiscal year. A lot of workers about to go get unions.

So there’s actual good news in the world?

No Charges Filed In Amir Locke 'No Knock' Police Shooting

Of course not, we live in a police state.

DOJ appears ready to launch a probe into Trump for bringing classified documents to Mar-a-Lago: report.

Can this please be the one that leads to prison time for Trumpy?

In a congressional hearing discussing banning members of Congress from trading and owning stocks, Rep Loudermilk argues against new rules by saying we have laws against murder, but people still get murdered.

He’s right, why bother with laws at all? 

Senate poised to vote to confirm Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson to the Supreme Court today, paving the way for Jackson to become the first Black woman in history to sit on the nation's highest court.


Tennessee Republicans are pushing a proposal to create a new type of marriage with no age restrictions that would be available only to heterosexual couples.

There is no bottom. These are people without a moral compass. 

I’m bored with Elon Musk. I’m bored with Jeff Bezos. I’m bored with Mark Zuckerberg. I’m bored hearing nonstop about a few lucky billionaires, who invented nothing, freed no one, and saved no lives, being treated as superhuman celebrities. They’re just rich dudes. Yawn.

You and me both, buddy.

Machine Gun Kelly goes undercover and finds out what people really think of him.

That he’s an egomaniac?

Large studies have found that people who consume the most anthocyanins (largely from berries) reduced their risk of high blood pressure and heart attacks, compared to those consuming the lowest amounts. 

I guess that means my diet is berry good. 

(Always end on a high note.)

04 April 2022

A Presentation, Babysitting a Trip to the Museum, Stomach in Revolt -- My Latest Doings

Yours truly signing books after my presentation at the Finn Hall

Hello blog. I'm due a post here. Do you mind terribly if I write one "off the cuff"?

I thought not.

Since I last wrote....

Say I never wrote about the book talk that I gave on Sunday the 27th (which precedes when I last wrote). It took place at the Finnish Brotherhood Hall here in Berkeley and was sponsored by the Finnish Heritage Society. The book is Threat of Night (Yön Uhka) set in Berkeley in 1941. The book's hero is Matt Kurki who is of Finnish parentage. His Finnish girlfriend, Martta, his Finnish parents and other relatives and Finnish family friends are all characters in the book. There is also a scene in the Finnish Hall. So that made me a natural candidate to speak at a cultural event.  I had a great time. The turnout was better than expected and I sold more copies than I anticipated. I even autographed those copies. (I'm a celebrity!). We had nice discussions about the history of the Finnish community in Berkeley, Finnish immigration in general and about various themes from my book. The missus, oldest daughter, my nephews and a niece along with their wee ones were among the attendees. Nice to have family supporting me. I wish I could have bottled the feeling from the day. It was a good day for me but more importantly everyone seemed to have a good time and it was edifying for many.

On Thursday the missus and I ventured into San Francisco as we went to the DeYoung Museum nestled in Golden Gate Park. The main attraction was an exhibit of Alice Neel's work. She instantly became one of my favorite artists, in no small part because of the social consciousness that she displayed in her work. I love a visit to the museum, it's like I'm doing my intellect a favor.

It was also nice to walk through part of the park and the adjoining neighborhood. We found an excellent sea food restaurant (my favorite kind of eatery) where we lunched. I also found a nice book store called Green Apples Books. Not surprisingly I found a book there to purchase.

On Friday older nephew and wife dropped off their young uns and we got to babysit (we babysat younger niece's girls on Monday). Love having tykes over. On Saturday the aforementioned niece's eight-year-old boy came over for a playdate with yours truly. We went to a park and tossed the ball for over an hour. He's a good athlete and precocious for his age -- just as I was. It's a right of spring in this country to toss a baseball around. I enjoyed our strolls to the park and back almost as much as playing catch. The lad is full of questions just as my oldest daughter did. Sign of intelligence. Came back home and played Yahtzee!

Painting by Alice Need
Coincident to his departure my stomach started acting up. The distress in my lower regions continued through the evening and only dissipated by late Sunday by which time I was weak from fighting whatever had caused the trouble. Managed to do little yesterday beyond reading the Sunday Times and watching a movie. In fine shape now, thanks for asking.

In the evening I watched an episode of the HBO show, Euphoria which consisted almost entirely of the show’s main character, Rue, talking to her NA sponsor. I appreciated it probably as only a recovering addict can. But at one point the sponsor claims that addiction changes a person. I’m not convinced that that’s accurate. I think addiction forms a person and indeed is part of who that person is changing based on whether the individual is practicing or in recovery.

Addiction makes most people into liars and cheats. They become utterly selfish. The addicts one source of relief, happiness and satisfaction comes from getting high. All else is secondary, even relationships (I was fortunate to get sober before my first child was born). 

The scary thing is that addiction doesn’t go away when you stop using (which is why twelve-step programs are so important) many of the behaviors remain and take on different forms. It is said in AA that when you sober up a drunken horse thief you get a sober horse thief. Sober alcoholics who don’t follow the steps often turn to other ways of getting high such as gambling and adultery. The lies and deceit keep coming.

Of course it's all a process and one strives for progress rather than perfection, the latter being completely unattainable. Anyway it was a good episode for anyone to see, especially for people in recovery.

Today I've been working on novel number three as is my want to do these days. Talk about a process....My goodness writing something of the scope of this book is a job and a half. I've got so many characters, themes, settings, actions to keep track of and I'm fanatical about historical detail. but I'm loving every minute of it.

Before writing I meditated. I've gotten back into meditation recently. This is something else that is a process. The first few weeks after considerable time away I find it harder to "get in the zone." Thoughts not only keep coming but they tend to stick and try to get worked out. 

Nice checking in with you, blog. You're a real pal.