19 March 2021

The Author Discusses the Weather, Then Various Other Topics Including Music and Books -- Fun Stuff

Photo I took outside the house after writing this post.

We have a thick low all-encompassing cover of clouds hugging our area this morning. Rain could come at any minute. I love it.

Yesterday it rained for much of the day and I loved it.

Next month it'll be warmer and sunnier with a bright sun and I'm likely to suffer increased depression as I usually do from mid April through the end of June. I have reverse seasonal affective disorder.

I'm not only happier when it's cloudy, cold and rainy, I'm more creative. This is not a phenomenon exclusive to me.

Of course I have often felt isolated and left out when people discuss the weather. In work places when colleagues rave about another warm, sunny day, I've nothing to say. Similarly, when I arrive at work having trudged through a driving rain storm, no one wants to hear how happy I am. 

One thing that perplexes me is that so many people seem to want it to be seventy two degrees and sunny everyday. Sounds boring to me. I like variety in my weather. I mostly enjoy a sunny day after its rained. Worse, I've heard people complain about rain being in the forecast while we are in a drought. I recall one occasion when we got our first rain of the season after five full months without a drop and one person acted as if the world was ending. 

Another thing I find strange is how people rave about there not being "a cloud in the sky." What the hell is wrong with clouds? A sunny day is so much more pronounced when there are large puffy white clouds in the distance. Endless blue is boring. Plus, clouds in and of themselves can be quite striking. 

I've also heard more than one person complain that when it rains, "you can'd do anything." Nothing? You can't watch a movie? Read a book? Play a board or card game? Can't bake cookies? Can't go to a museum, a movie theater, a restaurant? Can't make love? I believe it is much more common to make love indoors than out. More comfy too. 

Speaking of indoors and out. A lot of people will take their meals outdoors whenever possible. If that makes them happy....But I've never seen an advantage to dining in a backyard when there's a perfectly good dining room or kitchen table available. Less flies, mosquitoes, ants, etc, in the house. Also less wind indoors and you are less effected by changes in the weather. I've been at gatherings where food is eaten outside and a sudden chill arrives sending people scrambling for jackets or sweater. The hell with that.

I'm going to change the subject.

I got a new biography of Sylvia Path for my birthday. The review in the New York Times called it one of those doorstopper bios. In other words it's massive. Nine hundred something pages. I've gamely waded into it. There's no doubt about the quality of the book, sometimes I get discouraged by reading steadily for hours and find myself on page seven-three. 

I've read a lot of good books recently. (Actually I'm always reading a lot of good books.) I keep meaning to do a blog post about books I've recently read, or the books that got me through the pandemic, or my favorite all-time novels, or favorite non-fiction or favorite books about films. By jove I'll do one or the other by the ned of the month or my name is Phineas Hucklebottom. 

Right now I'm listening to Hendrix but have a best of The Bee Gees CD arriving today or tomorrow. (Just so you know, I changed the subject.) I have eclectic tastes in music. I'm often surprised at how judgmental people get about music. In college someone looked through my record collection and declared that I had "bad taste" in music. The albums included everything The Beatles had ever done so you know he was an idiot right there. But of course declaring that someone has "bad taste" merely because they don't like the music you do is the height of stupidity. I've also noted a lot of people -- particularly those who extoll the Grateful Dead (yuck!) -- being disdainful of music by African American performers. This does not make them perforce racist not does it even necessarily reflect cultural insensitivity, but it is at the very least a bad look.

Okay so I set out to write something because I've not blogged in almost a week (busy novel-writing, you know) and I've accomplished that. But it's time for me to workout. So I thank you for reading this far, you are a dear and beloved reader and I appreciate you. Have a grand day.

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