24 March 2021

A Bonus March Edition of My Look at the Day's Headlines

RIP George Segal, right.

Since July, I have occasionally been posting headlines from various news sources and writing comments about them that are either pithy, snarky, wise or brilliantly on point (or a combination thereof). The response has been so overwhelming (thank you, Gandalf Gonads of Fort Yukon, Alaska) that I have made this a regular feature -- to enthusiastic acclaim. Here then is part thirteen in what is now a regular and beloved monthly feature.

From the New York Times:

Boulder Shooting Survivors Describe ‘Listening to Him Kill Everyone You Know’

A headline that speaks for itself. In the self-proclaimed "greatest country in the world" a citizen cannot feel safe in a grocery store. Indeed there's no place -- not a church, not a school, not a movie theater, not. nightclub, not a health spa -- where one can relax safe in the knowledge that no one with an AR-17 will show up and start mowing people down. But pass gun control legislation? Fat chance. The misinterpretation of the second amendment supersedes our right to be safe. Madness.

Republicans Fear Trump’s Criticism of Mail-In Ballots Will Hurt Them

So Republicans are afraid that something Trumpy said might come back to bite them in the ass. Boo hoo, boo hoo. They embraced the asshole and let him get away with all his nonsense and now they've got bills to pay. The spineless worms.

Ellen DeGeneres Loses 1 Million Viewers After Apologies for Toxic Workplace

Good. I wish it were two million. She seems by all accounts a horrid person.

From CNN:

White headmaster at New York Catholic school placed on leave after telling a Black student to kneel and apologize 'the African way'

How many dumb white people are there in this country? How many dumb white racists are there in this country? They're everywhere. One striking thing about this particular dumb white racist's stupidity is that he thought he'd get away with it.

A top health official warned relaxing Covid-19 measures threatens progress. A day later, more states said they were easing restrictions

Speaking of dumb...The thing is that we're not that far away from being able to safely ease restrictions and beginning to enjoy something much closer to "normal." All we have to do is be patient for another couple of months. Sadly, states like Texas and Mississippi don't have the sense god gave a billygoat. Their actions could well delay our return to normal.

Trump's presidency was a disaster for his business

That sound about right. The idiot couldn't even get corruption right.

From the BBC:

Biden calls for a ban on assault weapons

Good luck with that. There is the small matter of the Republican Party and it's small-minded leaders who see the simplest, sanest gun control legislation as a threat to democracy itself. Their mania for deregulating is one of the biggest stumbling blocks to a safe, clean, efficient society. They want banks to have carte blanche to pick through middle class Americans' pocket books. They want industries to be free to pollute, they want anyone and everyone to be able to have as many guns as they want. Republicans worship at the alter of individual's rights even when those rights jeopardize the lives and safety of the population as a whole.

'Double mutant' Covid variant found in India

Oh for the love of God....

Myanmar coup: Seven-year-old shot 'as she ran into father's arms

One feels powerlessness, rage and sorrow in reading stories like this and about the military coup in Myanmar in general. Here are ways to feel less powerless, check out: Doctors Without Borders,  International Rescue Committee,  Save the Children, Amnesty International.

From The Washington Post:

How spring break in South Beach spun out of control

Yes friends, people flocked to Miami for Spring Break DURING A PANDEMIC. This again raises the question: "just how dumb are people?"

Former Green Beret, Army reservist who wore Hitler mustache jailed pending trial on Capitol riot charges

In an alternate universe someone who served their country as a Green Beret would be someone you could trust not to storm the capitol building in an attempt to overthrow the government, Sadly we live in a country in which it is not at all surprising that decorated military veterans and former police officers are among the forefront of insurrectionists. There is a culture among many police departments and among many veterans that is decidedly right wing and most definitely un-American. The other thing here is, he wore a Hitler mustache? Come on dude, a little on the nose.

‘Virginia Woolf,’ ‘Goldbergs’ star George Segal dies at 87

RIP George Segal a fine actor who made every film he was in a little bit better. My favorite role of his was in Robert Altman's California Split (1974) in which he co-starred with Elliot Gould. A terrific film.

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