02 June 2021

It's Time Again for that Beloved Feature, I Look at the Day's Headlines

Olivio Rodrigo's album debuted at number one

Last Summer I started printing headlines from various news sources and writing comments about them that were either pithy, snarky, wise or brilliantly on point (or a combination thereof). The response was so overwhelming (thank you, Brutus Lancelot of Midnight, Mississippi) that I have made this is a regular feature -- to enthusiastic acclaim. Here then is the latest edition of this critically-acclaimed monthly feature.

From the New York Times:

Disputing Racism’s Reach, Republicans Rattle American Schools

Yes, those unrepentant bigots on the right want to pretend that slavery wasn't so bad, that Jim Crow was an okay guy, if you got to know him and that institutional racism is a liberal fantasy. In other words they want to re-write history to make white people seem pretty okay after all. When I was a wee lad history classes glossed over such unpleasantries such as slavery, the genocide of Native Americans and the mistreatment and exploitation of immigrants -- particularly those of color. In my later high school years and then in college and through my own reading I began to get a fuller picture of the land of the free and the home of the brave. A new correct version of American history is being taught in schools and to borrow from a popular film, Republicans can't handle the truth. The right is doing a lot (see voter suppression laws) to sadden and anger intelligent people these days and this is one of their worst moves.

Biden Suspends Drilling Leases in Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

Good. Reversing some of the heinous acts of the Trumpy years is one of the most important things Biden can do. The previous administration's disregard for wildlife and our natural beauty in favor of moneyed interests is one legacy that cannot be allowed to last. You go, Joe!

Biden Assigns Harris Another Difficult Role: Protecting Voting Rights

It may be difficult but it is absolutely essential and the Veep very much needs to rise to the occasion. The right is serious about subverting democracy via voter suppression laws. It is obvious to any simpleton that conservatives do not speak for the majority of Americans, they do not have a message that resonates so the only way they can win elections is by limiting who votes. It is also glaringly obvious that they are trying to limit African American votes because, of course, they're racists.

From the BBC:

Florida bans transgender athletes from female sports

Because in addition to being racists, the modern conservative is homophobic. They're all about straight, white people (no Jews, please) having all the power and all the access. Seriously, fuck those people.

Xi Jinping calls for more 'loveable' image for China in bid to make friends

This would be rib-ticklingly funny were it not for the horrible record of human right's abuses perpetrated by the Chinese government. This is a country that inhibits freedom of religion, has no tolerance for its LGBTQ community, does not tolerate dissent either in the press or via assemblage. They want to seem soft and cuddly? Try acting it.

Fears of environmental disaster as oil-laden ship sinks off Sri Lanka

Oh for the love of God....

From CNN:

Pelosi floats Democrat-led probe into January 6 after GOP derails outside commission

By all means. Let's get something done here. Republicans are afraid of the truth, especially when it will doubtless reflect negatively on some of its members. Let's get to the bottom of the attempted coup and punish the guilty. We can let this happen again.

Anheuser-Busch to give away free alcohol if US hits Biden's goal of 70% of adults with at least one Covid vaccine shot by July 4

That should be incentive for a lot of the reluctant to get their vaccination. Apparently giving free donuts and lottery tickets to induce people to get their shots has worked. Whatever it takes. Let's get over the seventy per cent target by July 4th and really get into some normal.

A hiker died after falling 500 feet from a mountain summit in California's Sequoia National Park

A few stories below this was this headline: "A missing hiker has been found dead after an apparent fall near Telluride, Colorado." These are not uncommon types of stories. Recently three hikers fell to their deaths in Yosemite Park. Here's a thought: if you're going to hike in areas with high peaks, deep chasms and slippery waterfalls, BE CAREFUL. I mean a lot more careful than many folks are. People who are dying while hiking are not only losing their own life but they are leaving behind widows, fatherless children, bereaved parents, devastated friends and on and on. This may seem harsh, but that's a dumb goddamned way to die.

Olivia Rodrigo's 'Sour' debuts at the top of the chart

I don't anything about her or her music but by including this story I get to use the picture of a pretty girl in this post. (I hear she's a really nice person and a helluva talent.)

From the Washington Post:

To build a crowd for a pro-Trump rally, Nevada GOP consultant sought help from Proud Boys

Of course they did. And look at who you're in bed with here. The fucking Proud Boys, a bunch of brain dead bigots. What a sad state of affairs and doesn't it tell you something about your "cause" when you need help drumming up people to show up to your event, even one supporting a former president of the United States, if a disgraced one.

Republicans aren’t ‘looking forward.’ They’re stepping into a Jim Crow past.

No kidding. Since even before the days of Reagan they've longed for the good ole days of white picket fences, gays in the closet, blacks "in their place" and the levers of power controlled by old white men who bend over backwards to support big business. 

Arizona plans to execute prisoners with a lethal gas the Nazis used at Auschwitz

You cannot possibly make this stuff up. 

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