02 June 2008

Till it's Over

I have to stay to the end. A lot of people leave a baseball game early especially when the score gets to be something like 12-2. Not me. I liken it to putting down a book with a few pages left or leaving a movie before the closing credits (for that matter, I stay through the credits). I have to wait until the story is fully told, whether in a book, movie or game. You never know what you might miss by leaving early. The greatest play of the game could come in the last half inning. You wanna take a chance of missing that? Not me. That's the thing about athletic competition, a story is unfolding before your eyes, a real life drama. You want to take a chance on missing the final act? Again, not me. I want to get the full story. I never assume how its going to end, I've seen too many surprises. After all, I was there for the finish of the 1982 Big Game. That'll keep you believing. I have had thrill and heartache in the closing seconds or late innings. I've also seen some nice moments that maybe didn't effect the final outcome, but I'm glad I stayed for.

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