24 June 2008

And Now for the Ladies....

Yesterday I provided lists of favorite actors and supporting actors as an homage to the AFI and their 10 x 10. Here are my faves in the female categories. Again, these are strictly the opinion of the author and any arguments with them are a damn silly waste of time.

  1. Barbara Stanwyck
  2. Myrna Loy
  3. Bette Davis
  4. Ginger Rogers
  5. Jean Harlow
  6. Diane Keaton
  7. Marlene Dietrich
  8. Lana Turner
  9. Carole Lombard
  10. Loretta Young

And in the supporting actress category
  1. Joan Blondell
  2. Aline MacMahon
  3. Cate Blanchett
  4. Gail Patrick
  5. Margaret Dumont
  6. Ann Dvorak
  7. Diane Wiest
  8. Mary Astor
  9. Catherine Keener
  10. Claire Trevor


Anonymous said...

Chief here... I bookmarked this sight. Keep up the good work.

One thing, I see no mention of westerns. If there is a place, I would like to nominate Vera Miles for her role in 'The Man who Shot Liberty Valance'. There has not been a greater epitome of the demure dame of The West, who always stands by her man. Tammy Wynette took lessons from her.

rdfinch said...

Two more very interesting lists. It's hard to keep it to ten. I had to eliminate Loy from my main list and Blondell, Blanchett, and Trevor from my supporting list. Here are my final ten:

1. Bette Davis
2. Vanessa Redgrave
3. Katharine Hepburn
4. Audrey Hepburn
5. Claudette Colbert
6. Irene Dunne
7. Meryl Streep
8. Deborah Kerr
9. Barbara Stanwyck
10. Anne Bancroft

Supporting actresses:
1. Thelma Ritter
2. Agnes Moorehead
3. Mary Astor
4. Eve Arden
5. Dame May Whitty
6. Dianne Wiest
7. Anjelica Huston
8. Angela Lansbury
9. Elsa Lanchester
10. Gloria Grahame