29 June 2008

It's Really Good Too

From today's New York Times Arts & Leisure section:

"Hugely entertaining!"
"I Love it. Sexy, built to thrill."
"Touches your heart."
"Sweetly exuberant."
"Terrific! Beautifully acted and written."
"The perfect thriller."
"Hilarious and heartfelt."
"Weaves a spell."
"Funny as hell."
"Mega-tons of fun."
"Really something to see."
"Absolutely riveting."
"Some kind of miracle...intelligent and sincere."
"A wondrous work."
"A summer smash.
"Genuinely enjoyable."
"Absolute rubbish.  The worst in years."

(Okay, so I threw in the last one to see if you were paying attention.)

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