18 June 2008

Coming soon....

Here are some movies I hope to see in theaters someday:

A scrappy rag tag bunch of athletes (maybe kids) are thrown together on one team. While some have latent athletic ability, they are virtually all plagued by personal demons or domestic instability. Enter a once highly revered star in the sport to coach them. He too is wrestling with a personal crisis, likely involving his significant other. The coach pulls it together and somehow inspires the team to do the same. After some embarrassing losses the team suddenly becomes unbeatable and heads into a championship game against a prohibitive favorite, an arrogant group not above bending the rules to achieve victory. Our heroes pull out a miraculous win that will have movie audiences cheering. Estranged family members, lovers and wise old grandparents are part of the joyous on screen celebration. Fun for all ages.

A mismatched duo fights crime eventually facing a seemingly unbeatable foe in a high stakes showdown. The two detectives initially bristle at working together as they come from different worlds, but these wise cracking cops find they have much in common. A beautiful woman is involved with one of them and at times it appear she just might not be on their side. Our heroes fun afoul of a gruff but lovable boss because of their maverick methods. Saddled with a suspension from their duties because of “stepping out of line”, the duo conducts a wildcat and technically illegal operation. But who cares when they save the day and bring the evil doers to justice. (Look for a sequel!)

Speaking of sequels...How about a sequel to a previous blockbuster? Who can say no? The same characters that we loved in a previous movie are back facing an even more formidable foe. A goofy or young or goofy young newcomer is in thrown into the mix.

Yes, sequels are great box office but how about....a remake! A previously popular old TV show or movie is brought back to life this time with modern sensibilities (profanity and sex) and high teach special effects. (Look for a cameo by an octogenarian member of the original cast.)

This has never been done before...An animated comedy full of cuddly characters given voice by a dizzying array of well known personalities. While its really for the kids, some of the humor will be directed to adults (the kids won't mind). Hey how about some toys, dolls, action figures, accessories to go with it?

An R rated gross out comedy ostensibly directed toward the college age set but with great appeal to high school and middle school kids. Raunchy but handsome guys look for good times, mostly in the form of booze and really hot babes. They stick it to the man while having consequence free sex. They also get totally baked with no ill effects. (But do look for a hilarious vomiting scene.) Careful, one of the lads just might learn a lesson.

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