04 June 2008

One for the birds

Have birds always been this chatty or am I just starting to notice them? Generally speaking I like the sound of birds chirping so this is by no means a complaint. In fact, sometimes I really enjoy their chatter, particularly when there are no other sounds filling the air. But they do seem louder lately.
Maybe I'm a tad more sensitive to their yakking because of our cat's recently foiled murder. Lucy Lu is a serial killer when it comes to birds. I find myself begrudgingly proud of her hunting prowess when she brings her latest catch into the house. She's a virile predator, not just a cuddly kitty. But more than that there's a sense of sorrow at the sight of the recently deceased (there's nothing but appreciation if the victim is a rodent).
So a few weeks ago she brought in a young bird that was still quite alive, if wounded. I shooed them out the door initially leaving the bird to its sad fate (hiss me if you must). Then I noticed what must have been the bird's mother on the railing creating quite a racket. Another bird (the Dad?) veritably hovered in angry watch of the killing scene. I took pity and pulled Lucy Lu into the house and closed the door. Lucy was not amused. I watched from the window as the bird struggled to its feet and eventually walked down the steps, to the sidewalk and at last took flight. In addition to the two birds, a squirrel watched this touching scene.
I don't think the local birds like our cat much. I imagine they often issue warnings about her presence and many of their songs are in celebration of narrow escapes and perhaps even the youngster I rescued.
Sing on my feathered friends.

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