23 June 2008

A Half of Score of Favored Thespians

If the AFI can put out silly Top Ten Lists, I can too. However, mine aren't so silly because they're just my favorites and how can a person be wrong about their own favorites? I'll not give you all of them at once, that would only be called for if I was given three hours of television prime time. I start with my favorite actors as selected by a panel consisting of yours truly. The votes were tabulated by the accounting firm of Me, Myself & I.

1. James Cagney
2. Cary Grant
3. Humphrey Bogart
4. Jimmy Stewart
5. Steve McQueen
6. Groucho Marx
7. Burt Lancaster
8. William Holden
9. Al Pacino
10. Clark Gable

That was fun, how about trying supporting actors?
1. Thomas Mitchell
2. Guy Kibbee
3. Ward Bond
4. Victor McLaglen
5. Joe Pesci
6. Walter Brennan
7. William Demarest
8. Walter Connally
9. Eugene Pallette
10. John Cazale

Don't worry, Ladies, I'll get around to you next time.


rdfinch said...

Two most interesting lists. Here are my own choices. Like you, I have confined myself to American actors. A couple are British-born but worked mostly in the U.S.

1. Cary Grant
1. James Stewart
3. Paul Newman
4. Spencer Tracy
5. Humphrey Bogart
6. Robert Mitchum
7. Henry Fonda
8. Dustin Hoffman
9. Fredric March
10. Jack Lemmon

Supporting actors:
1. Walter Brennan
2. Charles Coburn
3. George Sanders
4. Claude Rains
5. Frank Morgan
6. Arthur Kennedy
7. Robert Ryan
8. Dennis Hopper
9. Jeff Bridges
10. Porter Hall

Richard Hourula said...

I like your lists almost as much as my own. How did I leave Fonda off? And I should have found a spot for Charles Coburn. Hard to limit it to ten.