01 June 2008

Health care for all

Should you have to be rich to get good health care? No of course not. You want a mansion, horses, yachts and vacations in Monte Carlo, then sure you need to be rich and I’m willing to concede that. But whether you’ve got ten million in the bank or ten cents the medical treatement you get should not vary. We are guaranteed “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness." To me that guarantee implies that your medical needs will be taken care of regardless of your bank account. It's not just flat our wrong that medical care varies based on income it's bloody Un-American. There should not even need to be a discussion here. Based on this view some people might call me a socialist. Go ahead, I'd welcome the label. Especially if it suggests that I'm opposed to greed, corruption and profit before principles. We're a filthy rich country with a little people living in filth. It's crazy and its crazy that some people's medical needs go wanting because they're poor. Just crazy.

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