05 June 2008

Baby it's Cold Outside

I find clear, sunny days boring. Oh every once in awhile I'll welcome the sun's warming rays and appreciate an azure sky, but give me fog any day. I particularly like a low fog, but will settle for overcast. Drizzle is good, rain is great. Wind is nice too but never on a warm day. Matter of fact I prefer cold weather.
Much of my enjoyment in life comes from indoor activities. You don't need sun to read a book, watch a movie or listen to music. A cup of tea and the crossword puzzle work better on a misty day. I like huddling inside a sweatshirt, not sweating outside in a tee shirt.
A repetition of sunny days is particularly unexciting. I feel more alive when there's variety in the weather (minus heat, oh I really hate hot days they make me so sluggish and even depressed).
I think I'd probably be happiest living on the coast of Scotland. They've got some ideal weather there. Indeed the British Isles are perfect. I was in London for a few days two years ago and never had to deal with the sun or warmth. For variety's sake a little rain was thrown into the mix.
I know this makes me different than most of my contemporaries. Most love a sunny Saturday when they can to put on their shorts, a big straw hat and putter in their garden, or go for a bike ride, or take a back packing trip. Give em a cold damp Saturday so I can be particularly cozy as I settle on the sofa and watch a John Ford film.

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