05 May 2021

Look Everybody! It's An Early May Edition of My Look at the Day's Headlines

Jesy Nelson, no idea who she is, no desire to find out

Since July, I have occasionally been posting headlines from various news sources and writing comments about them that are either pithy, snarky, wise or brilliantly on point (or a combination thereof). The response has been so overwhelming (thank you, Periwinkle Bagby of  Minot, South Dakota) that I have made this a regular feature -- to enthusiastic acclaim. Here then is the latest edition of this much beloved  monthly feature.

From the New York Times:

As the Virus Ravages Poorer Countries, Rich Nations Are Springing Back to Life

The most predictable headline imaginable. Wouldn't be nice if someday there was the following headline: "Richest and Poorest Countries Now on Equal Footing." A fella can dream. 

Years of Unheeded Warnings. Then the Subway Crash Mexico City Had Feared

Here's another sadly unsurprising story. Warnings about a crumbling structure, or a fire hazard, or a pandemic are issued and no one does anything until after the tragedy. It so often takes people dying  unnecessarily before action is taken. The world seems not to have learned that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Derek Chauvin’s Lawyer Asks for a New Trial After Guilty Verdict

Fine. We can find the motherfucker guilty all over again.

House Republicans Have Had Enough of Liz Cheney’s Truth-Telling

No surprise here. If there's anything your average Republican hates it's someone telling the truth.  Conservatives have been very disciplined about staying on message and when someone strays they pay for it. Especially if they do something utterly unforgivable like telling the truth. This is has always been so on the right but especially now that they've been taken over by the lunatic fringe. So when Liz Cheney has the nerve to point out the emperor has no clothes, she becomes a pariah. Lovely.

From CNN:

Peloton recalls all treadmills after a child's death and 70 injuries

The sports equipment manufactures further admitted that they were wrong to not comply with the Consumer Protection Agency Safety Commission request that it do so. Greedy, capitalist bastards. They didn't do the right thing from the outset, they didn't heed warnings (see above) at the beginning. They waited until seventy people had been injured and a baby had died. I repeat: greedy, capitalist bastards.

Woman from Mali gives birth to nine babies -- two more than expected

Today is our oldest child's birthday. We have one other child giving us a total of two. (That was for the math-challenged among you.) When they were both little they were a handful -- but manageable. My youngest niece currently has three small children, That's a lot. During the worst of the pandemic it was a real challenge. Now I pause to contemplate nine children, all the same age. The mind boggles. Imagine the birthday parties. Imagine if they all came down with something -- or even four of them came down with something -- at the same time. Imagine clothes shopping. Imagine several of them having a hissy fit at the same time. Nine. The terrible twos multiplied by nine. Gadzooks! Good luck to the "happy" couple.

US vaccination rates have been falling as the supply has increased

Ya know what one of the problems here is? People reluctant to be vaccinated. Why? Because they're idiots or at least influenced by idiots, like for example the previous president. See Sunday's "Last Week Tonight With John Oliver" for more.

Facebook Oversight Board upholds Donald Trump's suspension from the platform

Hey, I can finally say something nice about Facebook, to wit: way to not fuck this one up!

From the BBC:

Jesy Nelson opens up about her decision to leave Little Mix

Who the hell is Jesy Nelson and what is Little Mix?

Why corporal punishment is still used in some US schools

I honestly believed that corporal punishment had been banned in all U.S. public schools. Naive me. It turns out this archaic and immoral form of discipline is still employed (surprise, mostly in the South) by backward-thinking school districts. It is ineffective, barbaric and disproportionately used against the poor and disadvantaged. It needs to stop. Corporal punishment was recently used by a principal against a small child in a district that does not permit paddling. The principal faces criminal charges of assault. 

Reused nose swab scam busted in Indonesia airport

Just how low people can sink is an open question but this story indicates that people are still digging. 

From The Washington Post:

If Bill and Melinda Gates can’t make a marriage work, what hope is there for the rest of us?

How is the break up of a couple of billionaires suddenly a barometer for the institution of marriage? Why is their marriage any more sacred then mine, for instance (which is six years older than the Gates')? Are we seriously supposed to believe that the separation of one rich and famous couple reflects on our culture?Gimme a break.

Strongmen who got cozy with Trump get the cold shoulder from Biden

Of the eighteen jillion reasons that the Biden presidency is better for the health and security of the country and the world than that of his braid dead predecessor, here is one of the more important. While Trumpy actually cozied up to and praised tyrants such as Kim Jong-un, Biden is treating them like the dirtbags that they are. Nothing is a worse look than the leader of a democracy making goo-goo eyes at the likes of Putin.

A pandemic project: Fixing up bicycles and giving them away free

A feel good story! Someone doing something nice! Being unselfish! Not out for a profit! Would that we had more of this type of story.

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