18 February 2021

Trivia Fun Returns! Again!!!

Mime Troupe's radio show was not a success

Back in the horse and buggy days I brought joy and surcease to my legions of followers  through daily tweets of #TriviaFun. Then a few years ago on this very blog I published fifty of the best of #TrivaFun to great acclaim, hoopla and enthusiastic excitement. On December 1 of last year I posted a new iteration of Trivia Fun which was greeted with a deluge of praise and thanks from all over the world. It is my privilege now to share with you another list of  trivia fun.  (Note: As always, all the trivia below has been independently verified either by the National Geographic Society, the National Archives, The Library of Congress, The Smithsonian Institute,NASA, the Senate Sub-Committee on Trivia or the gang down at Joe's Beanery on 5th and Pine.) Enjoy!

Radio Station KSFO in San Francisco once booked a mime troupe to do a live on air show. Ratings were abysmal. 

According to biblical scholars, Jesus had a cousin Lloyd who he found to be a pain in the ass.

Cotton candy is, for all intents and purposes, pink, sweetened insulation.

According to scientists, not only do no two snowflakes look alike, but neither to any two battering rams.

In 1936 Burma Shave offered Frida Kahlo $1,000 to shave her unibrow on camera.

Adolph Hitler often absent-mindedly heiled himself when looking in a mirror.

Before doing his own compositions, Johannes Brahms led a Beethoven cover orchestra.

Charles Manson’s favorite Disneyland attraction was the Mad Tea Cup Ride.

The Battle of Gettysburg was delayed when a collie ran out on the battlefield.

A Central Park squirrel was taught sign language.

Hemmings Bashford of Syracuse, New York regularly completes the Times crossword puzzle despite being illiterate.

President Eisenhower was reportedly furious when his wife Mamie openly flirted with Nikita Khrushchev.

While it’s true that elephants have good memories, they often misplace their keys.

Although Jay-Z is known as a rapper, his favorite music is polkas.

The state of Mississippi has never had a U.S. senator who could properly recite the alphabet.

Because there are billions of stars in our galaxy that could support life on a planet, it is estimated that there may be as many as million people in the universe named Barney Fife.

The real John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt was a notorious misanthrope.

On more than one occasion, Gerald Ford asked aides what night Saturday Night Live was telecast.

David Mamet once wrote a screenplay about a Pope who suffered from necrophilia, narcolepsy and Tourette’s Syndrome. Every major studio passed.

Jeffrey Dahmer took dietary supplements.

Joseph Stalin refused to work on the days he got his bikini wax.

The Blame Game was invented by Milton Bradley in 1933.

In response to the popularity of The Blame Game, Hasbro created a game of their own, Pointing Fingers.

Despite appearances to the contrary, Mitch McConnell is only fifty percent turtle.

NASA recently scrapped a plan to send the first walrus into outer space, ultimately deeming the idea, “silly.”

In ancient Rome, members of PETA used to go the Colosseum and root for the lions.

According to the Bureau of Erroneous Statistics, the most popular spectator sport in the United States is cockfighting.

It's believed that nearly one hundred per cent of dog owners own dogs.

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