03 June 2014

Happy Holy Allen Ginsberg's Birthday

Allen Ginsberg in Berkeley, CA USA, circa 1956.
Holy holy holy Allen Ginsberg who was born on this day in 1926. He was to bring much joy and enlightenment and entertainment and deep thought and wonderfulness and peace and love to the world. He was a friend to many and an inspiration and guru to many more.

Allen was more than a poet he was a philosopher king a voice a great charming bodacious outrageous man of words many of which jabbed and poked at the powers that be and were. Judge him by his enemies if you will those stuff shirts and button downed minds and empty platitudes and angry rants. But better to judge him by his friends who were legion and were more about peace love understanding and dipping deep into our spirits and finding truth orgasms and laughs.

It's all there and Allen Ginsberg helped many of us look for it and find it and relish it. Better yet he still does many years after his sad passing from the normal portion of his life. Who knows what form he has taken now and what wonders he is experiencing and perhaps even sharing with those of us who are still in our earthly skins.

Buddha sings to you Allen Ginsberg and wishes you wistful happy joy and even deeper consciousness and holy wonder. Thank you from all of us who you have touched through word deed and even body. Happy holy wonderous birthday. You mad Kerouac Corso Orlovsky Burroughs Dylan Lennon McCartney Ferlinghetti Buddha fellow. Holy holy holy howl of holies. 

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