28 April 2011

Royal Wedding Widower Writes About Various Things With No Promises About the Content Though He Hopes You'll Maybe Giggle

What are you lookin' at? I suppose you came by to read something about movies. Well I haven't anything to write about movies today. Not in the mood. In fact I don't feel like writing anything at all. Just don't that's all.

Don't look at me like that. I'm not a trained seal, ya know. If you must read something of mine why not go digging through the archives. I've got over 570 posts to chose from. Admittedly some aren't very good. A lot of them are just fluffy little things life fer instance about my favorite films featuring a flatulent flautist (enuff already with those kinna movies Hollywood!).

I was thinking of writing an open letter to Donald Trump. He thinks America should thank him for his efforts that led to President Obama finally showing the long form of his birth certificate. 'Preciate it, Don. A hearty thanks to you and all the others who have created an unnecessary distraction. Trump the Grump also thinks that Obama's birth certificate should be carefully investigated. I agree. it should be investigated as thoroughly as has the birth certificate of every preceding president. The Smithsonian has the fine tooth comb which went over President Eisenhower's birth certificate. I recently read about the going over that President Benjamin Harrison's birth certificate got. Wow!

Trump recently spoke about how well he gets along with "the blacks." I'm not quite sure what to say in response. I've thought of: "atta boy" or "how very broad-minded of you" or "seriously, Don, the blacks?" I also understand that the Trumpster is not so open-minded when it comes to, let us say "the gays." He's against gays getting hitched or even enjoying the benefits of civil unions. Hey buddy, one step at a time, getting along with "the blacks" is enough for now. Take it slow.

Hey speaking of things that'll piss a person off, how about the increasing gulf between the wealthiest and poorest Americans? And how about the maintenance of the Bush tax breaks for the richest 2%? Kind of makes you one to take a sledge hammer and do some damage to some of those idjits who are forever selling a bill of goods to the American public. Kind of makes you want to take that same sledge hammer to the dopes who buy this malarkey. But Dr. King taught us that violence begets violence (not that most Americans pay the slightest bit of attention to what the great man actually said). So we'll have to use our words. Here goes: YOU F*CKING IDIOTS!!!

That outta do it.

I am currently a Royal Wedding widower. The missus has been going gaga over the forthcoming nuptials since before time began. She's in quite a state (California is a helluva place). I think it's wonderful. I love the British and all their pomp and accompanying circumstance. Traditions that do no harm are grand things that help define civilizations and maintain cultures. Events like these bring people together as they enjoy a shared sense of community through the magic of television (the idiot box is good for some things, ya know). Jerry Seinfeld recently popped off about what a load of bunk he thought the whole thing is. I'm generally a fan of the comic. who co-created and starred in the greatest sit com of all time. But he's all wet here. Ya just sound like a sourpuss, Jer.

Hey! You read all the way to the bottom of the post! Or did you start here? Do you do that? Do you read from the bottom up? That's weird. C'set la vie.

(Actually that's not the bottom anymore because I'm adding this paragraph.) If you want I'll write about movies next time. Or a movie. I'm excited to be going to see a film at the Pacific Film Archives on Saturday that I've never seen before: World on a Wire (1973), a film from Rainer Fassbinder that was originally on German TV. I may write about it later. I may write about something else instead. I may write about something before Saturday. I don't know. Quit pressuring me. Sorry I was so short you with. I'm only 5'7".

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