04 July 2008


Here is proper etiquette at your local gym (mine's the Downtown Berkeley YMCA).

When waiting to use a weight machine:
  1. Do not stand too close, the person using the machine will feel crowded.
  2. Do not stare at the person using the machine. She or he will feel...well, stared at, for crying out loud.
  3. Do not rush on to the machine the second the person is done to show your irritation at having to wait.

When using a weight machine:
  1. Between sets look about to see if someone is waiting. 
  2. If someone is waiting, don't linger. Either allow them to work in, cut your work out short, or speed it up.
  3. Wipe your damn sweat off when you get up. Please.

When stretching:
  1. Please count in you head, not out loud.
  2. Wear shoes or socks.
  3. If you have to wear headphones, keep the volume down.

In the locker room:
  1. Don't spread out all over the place.  This isn't your bedroom you're sharing the space.
  2. Don't tunelessly whistle. If it's a song, fine.
  3. Don't drip in the locker room or  you'll make the floor wet. Towel off before returning to the locker area.

In the Sauna:
  1. Don't exercise in the Sauna. That's what virtually the rest of the whole damn gym is for.
  2. Don't wear clothes. a towel around your waist is fine. The rest of the world is for clothes.
  3. And for God's Sake, DON'T HANG YOUR WET BATHING SUIT, TOWEL OR ANY OTHER ARTICLE OF CLOTHING IN THE SAUNA. That's just disgusting, and as a Finn I find it culturally insensitive.

Thanks everyone for your cooperation. See you at the gym!

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