22 July 2008

Everyone is Entitled to an Opinion

The Internet Movie Database provides a message board space for all movies and TV shows. This allows people to initiate a discussion on a movie or ask questions or post a comment and get responses.
As one would imagine, there are a wide range of opinions on films. Below I've copied and pasted some scathing comments about some of America's most beloved films. Remember, we are ALL entitled to our opinion.

I watched this movie for the first time yesterday, and i didnt find anything special about it, i know it was made in 1942 and im not saying it was bad for those days, but i guess it is because i dont like drama romance movies, but then again i saw The Notebook with my girl and i found the story so much more interesting, i guess what im trying to say is that, if Casablanca was made these days i dont think it would get as much credit.

The Third Man
I can see why people call this a classic. I can see why it's ranked so high, I however was VERY dissapointed in it. the music firstly is tottally out there, the acting is a bit underwealming for the time (aside orson wells who is utterly fantastic), not to mention the film drags in far too many places. (the ten min sewer scene with nothing but shots of people running around)
the cinematography is excellent and the story isn't bad, but it was just a decent noir for me. The love interest, the woman, is a rediculous character, a manipulative hag who brushes away the main charecters attempts to help her, even when lime turns out to be a murderer of hundreds of innocent children and people (indirectly) (note that i love old films, 12 angry men, maltese falcon, treasure of sierra madre, casablanca)

Sunset Blvd.
I don't understand the acclaim around this film. The execution was poor. I couldn't feel for any of the characters. The camera work was uninteresting and lacked close-ups. The performances were too over the top. The story was a little incoherent. The idea was pretty solid but it took a distracting, boring and empty direction. Some parts were also predictable.

The Godfather
Okay people, so maybe it was 'great' for it's time, and it is still a good movie, but not number one. And the list is "Top 250 movies" not "Top 250 movies of their time". And plus there were way better movies of the time. One flew over the Cuckoos nest, and A Clockwork Orange. Now I expect some smart ass comments from all the losers who follow this list so exclusively. Okay, I get it. Most of you people refuse to look at the thousands of movies that are outside of this list and you refuse to admit that there are movies better then the Godfather. Now before you come here asking me questions such as "then why are you posting here?" I'll answer in this post. I'm posting here because this movie has been number 1 for too long, and I'm posting my opinions on this movie here. I'm glad that you all decide to hop on the bandwagon, but I'm not like that. I'm just posting what I think, and the hundreds of other people who hide the truth with a comment such as "This movie is the greatest!" just to gain respect from the people on this site.

Duck Soup
I saw that it was ranked in the top 250 on IMDB and has a high rating. But it is just impossible to get through...it has lame "play on words" jokes that should only appeal to a 5th grader. Maybe it was funny and original in 1933, but it sucks now.

Raging Bull
I hated it.
There were some good things about it though. The acting was great, I love Joe Pesci and De Niro was awesome as well. Also, I loved the cinematography. All the scenes with smoke, whether it be cigarette smoke or whatever, I loved the black and white contrast against the smoke  And there were some scenes where I was especially impressed with the lighting.
As for the story, I found it dull, slow paced and rather boring. It was a well made film, but I wouldn't watch it again. I would recommend it for an aspiring filmmaker, or a person who loves movies and has a rich taste. But as for a pedestrian moviegoer, you can skip over this one


I just watched this movie and still couldn't see why its so great. I wasn't really moved or thrilled by it at all.

Tacky and with rubbish effects, not as good or realistic as Transformers or 300 wooo. Why is it this film has such rubbish special effects in comparison.

The Maltese Falcon
Horrible dialogue, bad acting I couldn't even stand Bogart. I'm really disappointed in this movie. I was expecting something really great because this movie is so hyped and Bogart is always great(Casablanca, Treasure of Sierra Madre). Another, thing is people always say that movies made today are bad, and they don't compare to movies of yesteryear, but look how stupid this movie is I hope people really weren't like this in the 40's. I can believe people were paying to see crap like this. I mean the style of this film was probably the same as everyother movie back then. Don't get me wrong there were some good movies too, but Jesus. And man, the dialogue.

Bonnie and Clyde
Seriously, I turned this crap off within 40 minutes. How the hell could anyone finish this movie?

On the Waterfront

This movie totally does nothing for me, maybe you guys out there should watch a real movie like Billy Madison or Happy Gilmore. What kind of name for a movie is On The Waterfront anyway?????

Grapes of Wrath
I am frankly bored out of my skull right now watching this POS movie. This class sux0rz. I mean, on their way to california, i wish their car would break down in the beginning, and they would just die of thirst in the middle of the freaking nowhere. I feel like i'm getting dragged behind a chariot in the middle of the hippodrome. And arsalon looks like sean, but arabian or indian or something instead of a hippy.

Citizen Kane
The first and only time I watched this movie, I thought to myself...I just sat through two hours of this movie to find out that Rosebud was a stupid sled. I like long dramas, but this had no point. I cannot believe this is considered to be one of the best of all time.

Some Like It Hot


R. D. Finch said...

I would believe you made up these comments if I hadn't read plenty like them on IMDb. But what can you expect? In the daily poll, when readers are asked to rank a number of movies, you can almost predict that the results will be in reverse chronological order, that is, with the newest first and the oldest last.

When Bergman died, and readers were asked to pick their favorite Bergman movie, app. 50% answered, "I've never seen a Bergman film"! With Antonioni, it was nearly 2/3 who had never seen one of his films. And when recently asked to name their favorite Kurosawa film, 40% answered, "I'm not familiar with the work of Kurosawa." Sad.

Richard Hourula said...

it often seems that the IMDb is dominated by 17 year olds. They love whatever is hot and new. I saw those same polls, blew my mind.

Chief said...

Are you telling me that Rosebud is the name of that stupid sled? I watched the first half of Citizen Kane last might and was going to finish it this weekend. Thanks for saving me the trouble!