30 July 2014

A Workday in the Life

Dreaming dreaming dreaming more dreaming. Episodic surreal bizarre revelatory dreaming. Until alarm. Sit upright. To bathroom. Urinate. Shower. First shampoo then soap then shave then dry. Then make lunch. The make and eat breakfast. Then dress. Then get ride from wife to BART. Seven minutes till train get out book. On train. Read. Tired so close eyes for a bit. No dreams no sleep just fantasy.

San Francisco. Emerge onto Market Street. Wait less than a minute. Trolley. Read again. Off board. Walk. Long line at Starbucks. Need big coffee. Play words with friends in line. Get coffee. Go to work. Caffeine kicking the tired in its ass.

Make copies. Chat with co workers. Good morning how are you fine thanks foggy out its hump day. Make Seinfeld reference. Laugh. Go to teach. "Good morning everybody!" I say cheerfully. Response is tepid so I say it again with even more gusto. Get suitable response. Teach English. Go over grammar. Discuss vocabulary. Pass out papers. Give a reading to half the class other half comes in they tell them what I said. Then switch. Fun. Have a few giggles. Put them in groups. Correct grammar. Ask questions.

Break. Eat yogurt and a banana. Short walk. Call the wife. Text a friend. Plan a class. More copying. Have time to write a little. Eat lunch.

Go teach pronunciation. "Good afternoon everybody!" We say vowels. They talk in groups. We do tongue twisters. We do d/th sound. We do rhyming. We have fun. Class ends. Break.

Talk with co workers. Eat cherries. Go teach last class. Another "good afternoon everybody!" More grammar, more vocabulary. Watch video. Learn from it. Watch another. More learning as students discuss. Then computer lab. They research. I walk around. "English only!" I intone.

Class time over. "Have a great evening everybody!"

Go to bus. Wait. Get on. Ride. Read. Get off. Walk to BART. Distracted walk a block out of my way miss my train by seconds. Extra ten minutes to commute. Cuss softly. If commuting had a face would punch it in mouth. (But it was my own dumb fault.)

Off train. Downtown. Walk home.  Walk is nice through bucolic neighborhoods passing children dogs old people young people. Cute women getting in car. Smile at me. That's nice.

Arrive at home. Kiss wife. On internet. Watch last night's Letterman that I DVR'd. Spaghetti for dinner. Daily Show Colbert Report also DVR'd. Writing. Reading. Type this then to bed. Hoping for lots of deep sleeping -- soon. Then more dreams I suppose. But about what?

We'll see.

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