18 May 2013

European Vacation Two - Crash Free Flight

The flight did not crash. This is my favorite type of flight. Floatation devices were not necessary as the unlikely event of a water landing did not eventuate. In fact we landed at Heathrow 40 minutes early. Thank you favorable winds. 

I slept talked to my wife and read a book about the Italian Mafia. The one that very much exists today. The book is poorly written and I’m half sorry I bought it but it is fascinating to learn how pervasive the Mafia is in its various incarnations in Italy. Especially Sicily.

I breezed through customs with my European passport and dutifully waited for my better half. Our luggage was not lost. This is a constant fear of mine but only when I travel. I don’t think about lost luggage when at home. Imagine.

Took the tube to St.Pancreas/King’s Cross Station where we will soon board the Euro Star. There’s no problem getting around because there are not only helpful signs but actual helpful human beings who stand around waiting for you to ask a question.

With time to kill we dropped off luggage had a coffee then strolled around a bit. I love walking around London. In a few blocks we saw the quaint the ancient and the ultra modern. We’ll be staying in this area on our way back so more on it later. Maybe there’ll be sun. I love fog but it would be nice to see London in the sun which I’ve not done in decades.

Travel is exhausting. Travel is exhilarating. Exhilaration is exhausting. Exhaustion from exhilaration is less exhausting then other types of exhaustion. But I’ve heard it leads to repetitious writing. I don’t believe it. I do believe our train leaves soon. It is 5:45 GMT. Boarding call....

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