18 May 2013

European Vacation Three - Southerners on a Train

View from our apartment in Paris
Ahh the glamour of European train travel. London to Paris. Nothing could spoil it save perhaps being surrounded by a group of young Americans from somewhere in the South. No no no no. We’re not supposed to be listening to Americans. Certainly not one with twangs and most certainly not the motormouth seated just behind us. He was one of those people who has nothing of interest to say so covers it up by talking incessantly. Wife forgave me for drowning him out by putting on my iPod.

But here we are. Paris. Nearly 24 hours on the road and what a road it is. Crossing as it does the North American continent the Atlantic Ocean and the English channel. A quick cab ride from the train station and we are Phil’s apartment. Phil the old high school pal of mine who owns an apartment in Paris -- he lives in Northern England. Phil would be a dear and highly respected friend even absent a spare apartment in the Latin Quarter. With one he is a god.

Not surprisingly I’m quite tired and more than a bit frustrated that I can’t connect to WiFi and so must wait to check email and post these fascinating glimpses into my European vacation. Hope they’re worth the wait.

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