30 March 2011

The Color Purple, and Burnt Orange and Electric Lime....My Controversial Post on Favorite Hues

As some of you may recall I recently wrote a post called, My Favorite Colors. It was linked on the Internet Color Database (ICDb). As a consequence I had more than the usual number of reader many of whom left comments. For those of you who missed the post and comments I am re-printing it here.

My Favorite Colors

Here is a list of my seven favorite colors.
1. Blue
2. Forest Green
3. Goldenrod
4. Mulberry
5. Sepia
6. Razzle Dazzle Rose
7. Jet Black


Ulysses said...
Great list but where's Vivid Violet?

Anonymous said...
There are no new colors here! It's like there haven't been any new colors in the past 25 years!

Hortense said...
Hello.. shocking pink!

Elderberry McGruff said....
What a terrible list, have you even seen a color before?

Quo Vadis said...
Wild watermelon
Atomic Tangerine
Brick Red

Ichabod said...
Dude, you're blogg is really okay. But whatever.
No fuchsia!? Be real or dont blog. Seryously.

Petrograd Pete said...
Pacific Blue is my all-time favorite. I don't necessarily blame you for leaving off neon carrot but it is really awesome.

Charlize Theron said...
Why won't you leave your wife for me? She can have my Oscar!


Anne N. E. Mouse said...

Well actually, in response to the one commenter, there is a new color. Not just any new color, but a new primary color. It is terribly exciting and you can read about it here.

lizzie moser said...

My favorite colors are kismet purple and electric lime