12 May 2008


It's important for a person to have their strut. It means you feel good about yourself. Self assured, confident and pleased. It need not be manifest in the way one walks (or struts) though it sometimes is. You often hear it in person's voice or note their bearing. 

As a former athlete I often strut around the gym when working out, though it is never affected or planned. That particular strut simply comes from taking care of myself and the release of those adorable endorphins. Never heard anyone refer to endorphins as "adorable" before? How better to characterize something one adores?

The thing about the strut is that you can't have it every waking minute of every day. If you do you're either insane or...well there's no other way around it, you must be crazy to feel that good all the time. Life doesn't allow it. It's just a law of nature that along with ups there are downs and in between them you want to keep as even keeled as possible. 

As a great friend of mine once said,  "You don't walk to get too up because then it's a long way back down and you don't want to get too down because then it's a long struggle back up."   Okay that was a digression but the point is that to truly experince one's life is to feel moments of sorrow, self-doubt worry and other forms of frowny face. You try to minimize them and be as heppy as you can as often as you can. Then strut.  

You go, you.

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