28 May 2008

Isn't it romantic?

I dated in the era before cell phones, email, texting and googling people. I was trying to imagine what it's like to date today. First of all it must be a whole lot more convenient. I remember leaving phone messages with the parents and later with roommates. Would she even get the message? If not she'd perhaps think I was no longer interested or that I was inconsiderate. This was also before answering machines were prominent (good God I'm dating myself here) so often you'd endure the frustration of ring after unanswered ring. And don't even get me started on busy signals.
Today you can call a cell phone, no middle man or woman involved. You can also text or send an email. You kids today have it so easy.
But I imagine there are perils too. You have a few too many and leave a randy message or send an inappropriate email. You can't take those back. Also, you KNOW she got your message so why hasn't she contacted you?
And don't even think about trying to BS a woman with an exaggerated life story. She can just go to google and there it is. You didn't go to Harvard, you never worked for the Rand Corporation, you didn't letter in basketball. You're right, this is a good thing.
My wife has a shoe-box full of love letter I wrote her. Do people keep love letters today? Do they write them? I'm sure there's love emails and you can save those, but it's hardly the same. Is it? Ninety per cent of the letters I wrote her were pounded out on an old Royal manual typewriter with a hand written signature at the bottom. That’s romantic.

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