18 May 2008

I really do

Among the myriad things people say that annoy me is "I really do." As in, "I think he's a great shortstop, I really do." What, without the "I really do," we might have thought you didn't mean it?
Another is "I defintely think we'll do better this time." We would have believed that's what you thought without the defintely.
Actually that's better than the flip side: "I guess I think." What, you're not certain of your own thoughts? Why can't people just think something?
You know what I mean? My God that's irritating when said over and over as is the short hand version: "ya know." Some pople use "ya know" as punctuation. Where if they were writing there would be a comma, period or semi colon there's the always annoying, ya know.
I find it annoying...I really do.

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