03 May 2016

If I Have Two Sets of Questions, The First is Made Up of Serious Questions About Our Society and the Second Set is Comprised of Light Hearted Questions About Home Schooling

I have some questions:

If sex between consenting adults is legal and giving someone money for services rendered is legal, why isn’t paying someone for sex legal?

Why is whiskey legal everywhere in the US but marijuana is still illegal in most of the country? Doesn’t whiskey consumption lead to more domestic violence and car accidents than smoking marijuana does?

Why is it easier to buy a gun in the US than it is to adopt a puppy?

Why do most corporations care more about profits for their shareholders than they do the welfare of the United States?

Why do some people think that its a good idea to elect someone with no experience in government to the highest position of government?

Why do the television networks still consider it obscene to show a naked human body? And why do they consider nudity worse for children than depicting extreme acts of violence?

Why do so many Americans reject the findings of the overwhelming majority of climate scientists and believe that climate change is not real?

Why is that you can drive a car at 16, vote and join the military at 18 but can’t drink alcohol until you are 21?

Why do some people care that other people enjoy having sexual relations with members of their own gender?

Why are there so many fast food restaurants and liquor stores near low income neighborhoods?

Why is healthy, natural, organic food more expensive than unhealthy junk food?

Why do some people not see that helping low income families in the short run can help the economy in the long run?

Why does the United States spend more on the military then the next eight biggest spending countries combined?

Why do we honor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday when we ignore his central message of non violence?

Why do so many people still smoke cigarettes?

Why is the gap between the richest people and the poorest people growing? Don't we want it to shrink?

Why is racism still a thing in this country and why do some people claim we live in a post racial society?

Why don't we have universal health care?

Why do we allow money to control politics and politicians?

I also have questions about home schooling: 

If you get suspended from school, where do you go?

Do you bother having elections for class president?

Isn’t the yearbook awfully thin?

What’s your prom like?

Are you captain of all the teams?

Aren’t you automatically class clown, valedictorian and most improved?

Isn’t working in pairs only possible if you are schizophrenic?

How long does your graduation ceremony last?

Are parent teacher conferences just your mom talking to herself?

Since your school is at home do you still call it homework?

Who do you cheat off of?

Who do you pass notes to?

If you’re giving detention do you really notice?

Is a hall monitor necessary?

What does it say about you if you’re not the teacher’s pet?

Are there any fights at your school?

Is it easier or more difficult to cut class?

Who do you hang out with at lunch?

Do you just have your dog as lab partner in science?

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