06 January 2014

I’m Streaming I’m Beaming Notice I Ain’t Screaming (It’s My Day Today)

"Tell me, why? Tell me, why?
Is it hard to make arrangements with yourself
When you're old enough to repay
But young enough to sell?"         
         From 'Tell Me Why' by Neil Young

On the subway to work a man was sniffling like so continuously I wanted to cry. Put on headphones instead and listened to Neil Young live from 1970. Read Kerouac. Biffed and bopped and scooted and occasionally had a thought about work and the day ahead and not about bed where I just was an hour and half before snoozing and grooving and going my way in dreamland where the dreams were nice with pretty girls and fame and fortune and no guy sniffing like crazy with a silly cold and an cherry on top -- be bop. People got on and off the train and I looked up at the stops to see them this one Asian chick got on and just stood man she stood the whole way into SF not wanting to sit her pretty little heinie down and year I’m just guessing about the pretty part part like who really knows. Most people getting on and off were magically non descript not cosmic who ha like me with my magic blonde hair and pug Finnish nose and the nice tie and all all dressed up for like work. Like work l like my work and I like working cause it pays me cash money in automatic deposit form and get all that psychic income to go with my psychotic self up on the shelf. I’m so cool when I go teach the English lingo to peeps from all over the world who want to dig on speaking better and reading better and writing better and understanding more. No chore.
Got off the mfing subway and escalatored up to the street. Market -- park it. Waited for the trolley. Too long as a matter of fact with it being chilly and all. There it came and I hopped it and sat on down and opened the book back up and read some more and didn’t look up much until I could scope out (dope doubt) that we were near the end of the line which is where I get off and in fact some day when my time comes it’ll be the end of the line for me. Whooppee! Least I got to spend some time on subways and shit and doin’ my thing and digging the ladies and the music and the words and the books and the cinema and the sports and the shorts. Soze got off and ambled over to work and worked. Boy howdy did I. Lot to do and people to say hi to and thinking and photocopying and talking and listening and nodding and being glad and drinking coffee and checking it all out baby. Had lunch too then more yakkin’ and frackin’ and correcting and talking bout things like prepositions and articles an verb tenses. Menses.
Ooooh off I went at the end of the work day ambling back to the trolley -- hey baby no wait -- and scootin on over to the subway and very short wait and packin on a super crowded train. Insane. Way it goes -- mose. To my dest-i-na-tion. Escalatoring on up to the street neat and then strolling home hello wife and here was my day how about yours and whats new and dinner is good and a little TV never hurt and then peckin’ away on this here macbook pro -- copyright infringement -- yowzah!
Nice day all told. Bold.

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