28 January 2013

The Promise of Tomrrow

Tomorrow is Tuesday the 29th of January.

My alarm will go off at precisely 5:42 am. I will sit up. Perhaps my wife will rub or pat my back for a few seconds. Then I will shower and shave. I will prepare my lunch then eat breakfast while reading the news on the internet. I will eventually get up from the computer and return to the bedroom where I will sit on the edge of the bed sipping my tea. I will be laying against my wife who will speak lovingly to me as I grunt and groan. Then I will stand in front of the heater as I dress. I will brush my teeth and stand for inspection in front of my wife. She will probably have to straighten my collar. I will kiss her goodbye and walk out the door. Eight minutes later I will be getting into a stranger's car at the casual car pool pick up spot. During the car ride I will play Words with Friends on my iPhone. If I'm lucky the car radio will be tuned to an NPR station. If I'm not lucky it will be tuned to an obnoxious AM station with long loud commercials. Dropped in San Francisco I will walk a few blocks to where I catch the trolley car. I will read and listen to music on my iPod. I will get off at the end of the line in Fisherman's Wharf and walk two blocks to the school where I teach ESL to students from all over the world most of whom are in their early 20's. I will exchange greetings and humorous asides with co workers. I will make photocopies. At 8:15 my first class will begin.

Tomorrow is Tuesday the 29th of January.

I will have a series of pleasant interactions. I will break students into groups. I will talk to classes as a whole. I will correct mispronunciations. I will assign work. I will explain grammar points. I will make silly jokes and bask in the laughter of my students. I will exchange warm greetings with some and polite greetings with others. I will admire most for their intelligence and perseverance. I will note how cute or beautiful or handsome or well dressed some are. They may again note my professional attire which always includes a tie. I will appreciate the mutual admiration society I am in with many of my students. I will also enjoy more conversations with colleagues some of which will be jocular or silly and some of which may touch upon the arts or sports or important issues of the day.

Tomorrow is Tuesday the 29th of January.

I will eat lunch. I will grade papers and plan the next days lessons. I will walk along the beach. I will return to school and teach another class. I will make my way home again via the trolley but this time taking BART to the East Bay. I will arrive at home around the same time as my wife. We will chat. we will dine. I might watch something on TV. I might listen to music. I might read. I might study Italian. I might write for awhile. I might wash the dishes. I will probably go to bed around ten and read until I can't keep my eyes open.

Tomorrow is Tuesday the 29th of January and it will be a good day.

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