14 January 2013

Lunch with the Boys and Other Fine Things

Had lunch with two workmates today.  Let's call them Ezekiel and Colfax (not their real names their real names are totally different like Ed and Bob or Sam and David or Roy and Cory -- ya know more ordinary.)

Sandwiches. Except Colfax had already had lunch so just had coffee and a roll though the place specializes in the most awesome sandwiches you've ever had on fresh sourdough so the coffee isn't so good as Colfax found out much to his dismay. See Colfax was just along for the ride the real intention of the lunch being me kind of paying Ezekiel back for a favor which I won't reveal but involves reading something of mine and making suggestions that will turn this something into a literally masterwork that will make me fabulously rich and famous and turn the literary world on its ear though come to think of it I don't know that the literary world has an ear. 

Did I mention the sandwiches? Really good. 

We talked.

They asked me about my time as a middle school teacher which I kind of look back on now as if it was time served though I did get paid so not so much like prison. Anyway prisons are more organized and structured than middle schools and deal in a nicer clientele. I'm just kidding -- no I'm not I'm being serious. Middle school is way worse than prison. Not really. 

As if.

We also talked about music which was cool because they're both musicians and Colfax (not his real name -- or is it? I could have just totally thrown you a curve. Just google Colfax Soil and see....gotchya) is even a professional and just works at the school because like a lot of artists he can't quite afford to quit his day job. I think that Ezekiel plays just for fun but I've heard him on the flute and he's good.

Miles Davis. Neil Young. Bill Evans. Freddie Mercury. Paul Simon (he's kind of dickish it was revealed). Were a few names that came up. Later a ribald story about Steven Tyler was told. He of Aerosmith and later American's Got Voice Talented Idols.

There was no talk of sports because Ezekiel and Colfax don't follow them. I found this pleasurable. Too many sports conversations do nothing. I find it increasingly difficult to have a discussion about sports that isn't lame uninteresting and just a regurgitation of what someone wrote on the internet. Or a recitation of numbers. Blah blah blah. 

So no sports.

Movies didn't really come up which was okay although I've had some pleasant discussions with both chaps about films before and doubtless will again. 

We did talk about girls because this is what guys do from puberty until they are buried or cremated. There is nothing wrong with this and so much that is normal. We are all three of us married and happily so.  Our states of marital bliss are no way effected by and in no way effect our desire to talk about females. Guys talk a lot and its harmless and fun and I've said that before.

We returned to school and taught more young people from across the globe to speak English. 

I later came home and watched last night's Downton Abbey with my missus. We had recorded it last night but not watched owing to being tired from a fun weekend not that its any of our business and shame on you for asking.

I listed to some Miles Davis and read about Diane Arbus and speculated on how wonderful it is to live in a world in which we have recordings of Davis playing trumpet and can look at Arbus' photographs and chuckle thinking about Monty Python or the Marx Brothers or even watch them. It's also a world with The Beatles, Ansel Adams, Woody Allen, Botticelli  and Hemingway -- how cool is that? -- and some really good sandwiches.

Enjoyed lunch and most of the last 24 hours. 

I am now smiling.

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Ronald Sloot said...

Amused with your choice of names. I live in Colfax town (Wash.). It's not as amusing as I would like. I enjoy your writing. Except afterwards I am slightly saddened that there isn't an easy way to access the films you discuss here in Colfax.