27 April 2012

Wherein the Author In the Course of Various Musing and Observations Selects a New Title For This Blog

Thinking of changing the name of this blog. Maybe something clever. Ironic? Specious? No, not that. I'll keep you posted, which I suppose is some sort of pun but I wasn't thinking along those lines.

I've been thinking a lot these days. Which can be dangerous for a sort like me but what with a sometimes functioning brain, an intellect of sorts and self awareness I find it unavoidable. It's just best not to dwell on the negative. Obsessing, as 12 steppers will tell you, is a bad sign. So easy to fall into.

Are you...listening?

No of course not, you can't, can you. There's no audio here. Written word and all.

Would, if they remade Ophuls' Letter From an Unknown Woman (1948), would, would it be called: Text from An Unknown Woman. Would a remake of Letter Never Sent (1960) be called: Email Never Sent?

Would this going out to all the people repping the 99%, would that have any meaning? Would the over use of "would" cause people to click off and out and on and over and under an in between and say, I'm supposedly clean, right?

Well I have been for what it's worth. And it's been worth a lot. A life, marriage, two children. Good!

You can easily wear your recovery like a badge of honor. No not the recovery, the stains, the wounds from your addiction. You can get off on that twisted thing you were and then you're just posing. So don't.

I was talking about dwelling, or obsessing. Here's how it went down. I was thinking about someone who (and I hate sounding like a modern day athlete here) showed me no respect. That's what we all want. Fundamentally. Isn't it? To be afforded basic respect as a human being equal to everyone else. On a one-on-one basis that means that neither person, certainly in a friendship, acts superior or is neglectful of the other's feelings. How ya been is answered and then reciprocated with a corresponding how you been that is in turn in listened to. That's all. My highs and lows are of equal importance to yours, my general opinions, are of equal value as yours. Simple. You don't get that from someone you've cared about it and...But that's enough. Point made. Moving on. No obsessing to see here.

(Would my life be better if I could stop playing Words With Friends?)

I've often thought that without sports in my life I could get so much more done. But then I'd be some other guy. Besides I don't attend or watch everything anymore. Pretty selective. So a break please.

I'd like to hear from you. Who are you reading my words? What do you want? More of this? Less? You just come for the film talk? Do you miss the days when I made lists? You know the best World War II movies, the best James Cagney films, the best movies with toe nail clippers, that sort of thing. IMDb used to link a lot of those. They show no interest in my ...what to call it, well this sort of thing or any kind of writing that gets all experimental with run-on sentences intentionally used. Stream. Of. Unconsciousness. Bingo! New name for the blog.  Thanks again, brain. You're pretty cool.

The ubiquitous "they"has done a whole new deal with the dashboard for these blogs. Format, I believe it's called. It's taken a while to get used to for us creatures of habit. (The Habits of Creatures, now in 3D, from National Geographic in cooperation with the Disney Corporation. 'Nuff said.) One "NICE" thing is that you can now see how many page views the blog and each post gets. Or in my case, how few. Humbling, bumbling, stumbling. I wonder. Sometimes. But then....What would I do without this. This. Life amiss? Listening to Bowie, the muse tickled and nothing to write about it. Bless, life can provide. Read your history and you'll see how many people never had a chance. Awful circumstances. Oh Lucky Man! Am. And thanks for noticing, self.

Okay so look I've been me my whole life so have no real experience being anyone else. Oh sure I've pretended. When I got back from England I used to go to bars affecting a pretty convincing British accent and....That went nowhere, I can tell you.

So I'm running out of steam. I'll have to go down to the corner store and buy some. "Packet of steam, please!" What's that you say? In Europe it comes in bottles? Well, I never!

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KC said...

I loved the lists. The quotes were pretty cool too. I like it when people share the things they are into like that.