05 April 2012

There is No Suitable Title For the Ravings of a Mad Man

Interesting crazy I saw. Coming out of the YMCA on my way to the bus stop. Just worked out. She was jabbering away to herself. What, you aren't gonna ask me for any spare change? Oblivious and all. I dare say I am impressed. You've got quite the conversation going, lassie. You make sense in your special way to your own special mind. Gotta respect that.


There is an authenticity to the truly insane that is missing in "normal people." They ain't puttin' on no airs. Just bein' themselves. I appreciate that. No false fronts.

(How are you today? I'm fine thank you. it's so nice to see you. Say hi to Leo. Bye. Have a nice day. Stick a boiling badger up your bum!)

Happiness is a real original idea that no one gave you -- I read it on the internet.

So it must be


There I said it.

The mind is an endless source of fascination to the truly delusional. To crazy people it's even better. Just unlock it and go. Zooooom.

There's a lot of sanity in American politics and always has been. Study our history. Go back in time and ask the Apaches or the Africans riding free of charge chained with their new friends in steerage. Ask the Mexicans who thought that New Mexico was part of the old one. Or those guerrilla fighters in the Philippines or.......See what the sane sorted out for all those people and made rational for gullible generations of school kids and Republicans. My country right or wrong.  Cause that's the way soldiers must think.

"Democracy! Bah! When I hear that I reach for my feather boa!" - Allen Ginsberg.
(Of course Allen may not have understood the complexities of-- aw, you get the picture.)

So I've conflated insanity and democracy and no a word about movies. And this a film blog. Well I never!

I guess it's cause I've been thinking Chaplin and Marx Brothers and didacticism and moral imperatives and how much I like Italian films and Bergman and the cute little way America's nose turns up when it's angry.

I know -- right?

Minds whirl and shwirl. If you've got the courage to let them. Honestly thought it's best not to let it all get away from you like that mumbling crazy I saw today (oh...craxy person is offensive to you? Well la dee dah). That's the problem. The fine line between functioning in society and thereby enjoying its fruits and living in an alleyway with a rat you've named Thadeus. Can't let yourself get so medicated that Fox News starts making sense. That's where films and other forms of art come in. Get your crazy going on around them. Let your brain freelance a bit. Sort out the sense from the nonsense separate from the tone deaf times in the board room. When you seek pleasure make sure its honest and harmless but not just another word for comfort do that soothing when you've got the flu cause you got a lot of living and loving and thinking and being to do yeah I mentioned being in this same crazy sentence cause that's what all that mind bending is all about. And don't do drugs, fool.

O' on ye brave young Americans -- and you old ones too and the in betweeners -- tear down your television/internet/car fortress and go hang with the crazies. Thank me later.


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