13 May 2011

Film Blogger Appreciation Week is Coming!!!!

 Pictured are the official spokes models of Film Blogger Appreciation Week. Left to right Anne Hathaway, Penelope Cruz and Megan Fox.

Friday May 20 is the first day of the first annual Film Blogger Appreciation Week. This will be a week long celebration of film bloggers who, by their diligence, brilliance, creativity, wit and courage, make the planet Earth a fit place to live.

Imagine a world without film bloggers. It would be a barren hellscape resembling a post apocalyptic zombie-ruled planet. The rivers would flow with blood.*

Thankfully film bloggers are very much a part of and largely responsible for the flourishing, happy Eden that we all live in.**

The edict declaring May 20-26 Film Blogger Appreciation Week was passed unanimously by both houses of the United States Congress (he made that bit up). It was further endorsed by the United Nations (not strictly speaking true) and NATO (again, this is a lie). Proclamations supporting Film Blogger Appreciation Week were also endorsed by Al Qaedea just prior to Osama Bin Laden's death (not really), the British House of Lords (never happened), The Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences (total fabrication), the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (he's just being silly), the International Society of Aboriculture (doubt it) and Amnesty International (oh, please).

Do your bit to honor a film blogger. Take one to lunch or dinner or send a card or give a gift. Better yet, send a film blogger a large amount of money. At least send one a DVD. Write your favorite film blogger and ask what he or she or I want. Give as much as you can. More even. Just think of the invaluable contribution film bloggers make to creating a happier, better universe.

Spread the word Film Blogger Appreciation Week is coming!!!!

* That's a gross exaggeration
** Utterly ridiculous

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Meredith said...

my nobel is in the mail, apparently (and it comes with a free dvd!)