21 March 2010

No, I Have Not Posted Every Possible Film List One Can Possibly Imagine, I Offer Proof

In the short yet glorious history of this blog I have posted more film lists than you can shake a stick at (though why you'd want to shake a stick at a film list is beyond me). I've posted lists of directors' best films, best westerns (not the motel chain, the film genre), best film quotes, best of particular decades, best of particular years, best Christmas films, best films with trains scenes, best opening scenes and best films set in San Francisco. To name a few.

So that about covers it, you say. Not so fast! I now offer a mere sampling of list topics that I have yet to get around to. I don't mean to suggest that I someday will write full posts on any or all of these, but one never knows. Meanwhile regular readers of this blog (both of us) can anticipate (dread?) all manner of film lists that are still to come. Maybe even one of these.

Putting My Best Foot Forward, Great Cinematic Podiatrists

Splish! Splash! Must See Films Featuring Water Polo Action

Best Films I've Not Only Never Seen, But Never Heard Of

My Favorite Key Grips

The Cold Hard Facts -- Ten Great Films From Antarctica

So You Want to Learn About Calvin Coolidge Through Feature Film, 12 Movies to See (the photo above is of Marlin Brando portraying Silent Cal in Billy Wilder's "Too Cool Cal" (1957))

Pump Up the Volume! Beloved Musicals from the Silent Era

Achtung! The 25 Best Films from the Habsburg Empire

The Very Best of Jean Claude Van Damme (Just Kidding)

List This! A List of Really Cool Ideas For Film Lists


MovieNut14 said...

I'd like to see that last one become reality.

Kate Gabrielle said...

Love this post... this is my favorite:
Best Films I've Not Only Never Seen, But Never Heard Of

Millie said...

Ahahaha! I think my favorite was "Too Cool Cal" starring Marlin Brando.