20 January 2010

Okay, Okay, My Top Twenty Films of the Last Decade

I'm yielding to overwhelming and unrelenting pressure (okay a couple of people mentioned it in passing) and publishing a top 20 of my favorite films from the preceding decade. The oughts.

Initially I had balked because I felt there weren't a score of movies worthy of a best decade list. But upon further reflection, there were some excellent efforts, surely enough for a passable top twenty. And indeed this past decade is probably far better than either the 80's or 90's. (Still, this list is in no way comparable to the decade bests from the 1930's and 1970's that I recently published here.)

So here at last are my top 20 films of the oughts.

1. Inglourious Basterds (2009) Tarantino U.S.
2. The Aviator (2004) Scorsese U.S.
3. No Country For Old Men (2007) Coen Brothers U.S.
4. Barbarian Invasions (2003) Arcand French Canada
5. Y Tu Mama Tambien (2001) Cuaron Mexico
6. Zodiac (2007) Fincher U.S.
7. Minority Report (2002) Spielberg U.S.
8. A Serious Man (2009) Coen Brothers U.S.
9. Downfall (2004) Hirschbiegel Germany
10. City of God (2002) Meirelles/Lund Brazil
11. Lives of Others (2006) von Donnersmarck Germany
12. Wonder Boys (2000) Hanson U.S.
13. Gangs of New York (2002) Scorsese U.S.
14. The Man Without a Past (2002) Kaurismaki Finland
15. Vicky Christina Barcelona (2008) Allen U.S.
16. Amores perros (2000) Inarritu Mexico
17. Bamboozled (2000) Lee U.S.
18. Milk (2008) Van Sant U.S.
19. The Class (2008) Cantet France
20. Bad Education (2004) Almodovar Spain


TJDobbin said...

I've seen Basterds four times now, and it's most certainly one of my top-5 films of its decade. Amazing amazing amazing film. Actually, both that and Kill Bill make my top-5.

I also love Vicky Christina, Zodiac, and A Serious Man.

What did you think of Synecdoche, New York? That'd probably also make my top 5 or 10.

Richard Hourula said...

I liked it a lot. Made my top 10 last year. Now that you mention it, I should watch it again.

DutchQD said...

Your list is missing "Amelie" (2001) Juenet. Just thought you aught to know.

Richard Hourula said...

But the thing is that this is a list of MY 20 favorites and Amelie was not among them. But thanks for commenting.

Colt said...

Match Point didn't make the list, I am a little surprised by that.

Richard Hourula said...

If it had been a top 25 Match Point would have been in it.