19 February 2009

Riku Writes Poll Numbers are Through the Roof!!!

Imagine my surprise and delight this morning when I received notification of a recent poll conducted by the prestigious Hugo Z Hackenbush Polling Institute. This internationally renowned institute regularly conducts polls in which respondents are given the names of ten famous people, some living some dead, and asked to identify which individual they view most favorably. For a recent poll I was among the ten named and I'm proud to say that I received the highest score ever. The poll is quite scientific in nature, asking people of all ages, genders, sexual preference, religions, ethnic groups etc. from around the world. Anyway, here are the latest poll results. I can only say that I am quite flattered.

Questions: Of the following ten people, whom do you view most favorably?
Me 97%
Milli Vanilli 1.0%
King George III 1.0%
Pol Pot 0.3 %
Charles Manson 0.2%
Camilla Parker Bowles 0.2%
Adolph Hitler 0.1%
Rupert Murdoch 0.1%
OJ Simpson 0.1%
Dick Cheney 0.0%

(Note: I am also pleased to announce that henceforth Google translator will translate this blog into both Pig Latin and Esperanto.)

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