06 February 2009

Long Overdue Staff Appreciation Time at Riku Writes

I was remiss last week on the occasion of this blog's 200th post. I should have taken the time for a long overdue recognition of the staff here at Riku Writes (pictured above at our annual Labor day picnic).

Contrary to what many of you may believe, my prodigious talents, as unrivaled as they may be, are not enough to sustain the award-winning brilliance of this blog.

The many awards, accolades and prizes Riku Writes has garnered are a testament to my astounding staff as much as they are to my personal genius.

Here then are my belated thanks to the not-so "little people" behind this blog.

Thanks to Bev and Larry in Accounting.

Huzzah to Klaus, Toshiro, Mortimer and Hortense in Research and Development.

Much appreciation to Clive, Connie and Lefty in Marketing.

Hip, hip hurrah to Sigmund, Gert and Cinque in Sales.

Hail to Seymour and Zi Ying in Public Relations.

Three cheers for the Maintenance Crew: Wally, Horatio and Bobo.

Muchas Gracias to our Receptionists, Shirley and Zasu.

Hurrah to our Archivist, Boopsie.

Praise be to the Graphics and Design staff, Anna Marie, Sven, Akbar, Buffy and Cecil.

Loud applause for our Legal Team, Jussi and Tallulah.

A pat on the back to our Chef, Mugabe.

Much gratitude to our Payroll crew, Glenn and Glenda.

Here! Here! to the Custodial Staff, Archie, Thurgood and Mimi.

Felicitations to our Masseuse, Babette.

Much indebtedness to my Secretary and Girl Friday, Clementine.

Gratitude aplenty to our Fact Checkers, Ebenezer, Ginger and Golda.

Very special thanks to our Interns, Ronnie, Tommy, Lonnie, Sally, Betty and Latosha.

And finally, all glory to our Spiritual Advisor, Dagwood.

Bonus checks are in the mail, everyone!

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M. Elizabeth said...

I would have laughed but I lived with you for 18 years.