05 January 2009


I’ve been slammed full force with a cold on our last full day in Paris. Curses!
Morning errand to the Finnish Consulate for youngest and I to get Finnish passports (the kiddies and I have dual citizenship, oldest daughter already has a Finnish and therefore European passport).
Next back to the apartment for a long nap. Despite my continued need for rest I head out into the late afternoon in search of the Abbey Bookshop. Find it with ease but in turn find no books that interest me. Continue my stroll around the city. There’d been a dash of snow while I slept. It’s cold, low 30’s but I don’t mind, my illness notwithstanding. Today was the first day of our trip that there was any precipitation of note. I trudge around the city during rush hour marveling at the narrow streets, the statues and plaques everywhere, the sagacity of buildings that have been allowed to age. How beautiful are structures that have withstood so much. In Berkeley its a marvel to se a store that's been around since the 1950's. Here are buildings that have been allowed to age for centuries. I have a new favorite city and must already leave it. Like a shipboard romance. But I vow to reunite with this lover soon...
Back at the apartment we watch the French version of Wheel of Fortune (how's that for a contrast?). Their letter turner makes Vana White look like an old goat. I’ve only seen snippets of the American show but can tell the French contestants are much less animated. They don’t clap as the wheel spins saying “big money, big money” like buffoons.
The missus makes a delicious dinner featuring salmon about half as expensive and twice as good as that found in California. My stomach is going to miss this place.

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