04 January 2009


Went to Notre Dame during services today. How to describe this incredible building (I’m starting to run out of adjectives and we’ve only been here a few days). Construction on it started in the 1100’s and took over 200 years. Trust me folks, they worked fast to get it done in just two centuries. The ceilings seem two miles from the floor. Works of exquisite art everywhere. Just goes to show what humankind is capable of when not inventing new ways to destroy one another. My only problem was the American walking around in his Pittsburgh Steelers replica jersey. Gauche.
Went from this heart of Catholicism to the Jewish center of the city. Hard not to remember that some 65 years ago most residents here were rousted from their homes and taken away to their death in concentration camps....
But today this quarter is vibrant and happy. The missus went to a much recommended falafel place that boasted a long que -- obviously word has gotten out.
Meanwhile I stopped at a pastry shop. It seems that the French couldn't make a bad bit of food if they tried.
Virtually every street in Paris has an eatery of some sort, many with outdoor tables.
We took a boat trip on the Seine at night. This is one of those oh-so-touristy things people do that is actually a splendid idea. Do it at night. The Eiffel Tower all lit up is unforgettable. The bridges are works of art. Who does that? Who makes their bridges artistic masterpieces?

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