14 October 2008

Sex and the City's Most Notorious Fan

Am I the only one to find this surprising? In Osama Bin Laden's latest tape, just released today, he dedicated his entire time on camera to a review of the film version of Sex and the City (2008). Apparently he was a huge fan of the HBO series and absolutely loved the movie.

Frankly I was stunned. It just didn't seem like something a Muslim of his stature would be interested in. But he claims to be ga ga over Kim Cattrall (I've never seen the film or TV show but I do quite fancy Kristin Davis). In his review, Bin Laden speaks of his great love of New York, up scale living, and the exploits of -- as he put it -- the girls. "I find the whole concept remarkably inventive," Bin Laden said. "The characters are real and played true but of course are funnier, smarter and sassier than your normal city gals."

Also in his review Bin Laden mentioned how all the principle cast are friends on his Facebook page. I checked and sure enough they are. Interestingly Bin Laden felt it necessary to add this to review: "Look, don't be thinking I'm gay just because I'm obsessed with Sex and the City and similarly with Project Runway. I'm still all man and I've got a hard on for Cattrall to prove it. And oh by the way, death to America. Peace out everyone."

I still cling to the notion that Bin Laden is the world's leading terrorist and should be brought to justice ASAP, but he is a bit more human to me. Also I'm not going to be so quick to stereotype or make cultural assumptions.

Yet the oddest thing I've learned about Bin Laden over the years -- and I'm sure most of you know this -- is that his nickname is "Goober." It comes from the fact that he is a huge fan of George "Goober" Lindsey of Andy Griffith Show fame. Again I guess I'm guilty of generalizing about Muslims. For all I know there's a big Shiite-Sunni split over Goober and Gomer Plyle.

A final thought on this is that maybe the CIA could use Kim Cattrall to lure Bin Laden away from his cave. Worth a try.

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