03 October 2008

Raisins, They're What's For Lunch

I had one of those little boxes of raisins with my lunch today. I'm guessing millions of people world wide have a little box of raisins in their sack lunch. Why not? They're easy to toss in, don't cost a lot, are conveniently packaged and have some nutritional value. Least I think they do. Good God don't tell me I've been eating the suckers all these years and they're bad for me.

My question is this: does anyone really salivate at the idea of getting to that little box? Yes, raisins have a totally inoffensive flavor..but come on, does anyone anywhere at any time think, "These raisins are delicious!"

I can't imagine that they're the centerpiece of anyone's lunch. A new slogan for raisins: Your Ultimate Lunch Side Dish.

Of course raisins compliment other meals when they are in the mix, so to speak. There is no questioning their influence on a bowl of Raisin Bran or other cereals. They enhance many a cake and even go well in certain salads. But on their own...

I'm always dropping one or two in the process of digging through those little boxes. Then I step on one or find another a few weeks later under a desk. In that sense they're rather a pain. See I eat like a guy and dig my hand in the box without heed to consequences as I shovel some down my gullet. I'm sure you ladies never drop a one as you slowly savor each individual morsel.

I should add that it's actually more economical to buy your raisins in a big container and toss a handful into a snack bag. But the issue here is that you're doing irreparable harm to the environment. Those little boxes are recyclable, your plastic snack bag is pure trash.

Okay this is mostly a film blog so what's the cinematic aspect of raisins?

What, you never saw Sidney Potier in Raisin in the Sun (1961)?

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