18 November 2020

I Comment on Today's Headlines, Eighth in a Regular Series

Hopefully an effective vaccine will be available soon

Since July, I have occasionally been posting some of the day's headlines from various news sources and writing comments about them that are either pithy, snarky, wise or brilliantly on point (or a combination thereof). The response has been so overwhelming (thank you, Mortimer Nickelback of Beatrice, NE) that I have made this a regular feature -- to enthusiastic acclaim (by which I mean dead silence). Here then is part eight in what is now a regular and beloved feature of this blog.

From The NY Times:

How Iowa’s Governor Went From Dismissing Mask Mandates to Ordering One Herself

So some people do learn. Good to know.

Trump Plan to Sell Arctic Oil Leases Will Face Challenges

Reason number one zillion to hate Trumpy. He has no respect for anything but making money no matter the sacrifice to our natural resources or to the under privileged. In other words, he is, in many ways, a typical Republican -- if not the personification of that wretched party and its heartless members. 

Trump Fires Christopher Krebs, Official Who Disputed Election Fraud Claims

I believe the appropriate phrase here is, killing the messenger. Trumpy has always been someone who wants to be surrounded by toadies, sycophants and yes men. He doesn't have the guts to let himself be questioned or challenged and can't tolerate contradiction no matter how wrong he is.

From the BBC:

MeowTalk: Alexa developer’s app to translate cat’s miaow

According to the story there are currently thirteen different types of meows. In my experience eleven of them are simply variations on: "I'm hungry and will keep up this annoying racket until you feed me."

US senators Sherrod Brown and Dan Sullivan clash over face masks in chamber

Yes as the virus surges there are still idiots, some in seats of power, who are putting up a squabble over wearing a mask. Jesus, people get over it. You'd think by now people would understand. One only need note how much worse the virus is in U.S. states where governors are not urging people to wear masks and where the populace is more cavalier about their lives and those of others. Idiots.

Have rogue orcas really been attacking boats in the Atlantic?

Apparently so and who's surprised? Indeed the only surprise is the remarkable restraint that the animal kingdom has shown towards humans who have been fouling their living spaces and killing off their brethren for centuries. Animals seem pretty tolerant to me and the fact that some of them are "causing trouble" seems overdue, if unwelcome.

From The Washington Post:

Biden to hold event with health-care workers; Trump to seek Wisconsin recount

Please note, one of these people is trying to help tackle the coronavirus and the other is acting like a petulant baby. America cannot see the backside of Trumpy soon enough. (Although I do look forward to reading about his being convicted of any number of crimes.)

Federal appeals court refuses to delay execution of two prisoners, including one set for Thursday

But of course, we simply can't delay state-sanctioned killings. Is this supposed to be a civilized country or not? If so, why does it still have the death penalty? It's an international embarrassment. 

The president is golfing and exercising White male privilege

Not exactly news. This is what he's been doing all his miserable life.

From CNN:

Ethics experts and Trump critics call for Senate investigation into Graham's probe into presidential election

Lindsey Graham used to be the loyal opposition. Someone you probably disagreed with on most every issue, but a decent sort of person you could talk to. Hell, he even accurately called out Trumpy for the total tool he is in the days before the 2016 election. Now he is as corrupt as they come. A total sell-out to whatever Trumpy asks him to do. Clearly they've got incriminating photos or videos on the guy. He outta just come out and be done with it.

Dinosaurs would have continued to thrive had it not been for the asteroid, researchers say

Excuses, excuses, excuses....

What the Greatest Generation had that the Covid generation lacks

I can't tell you how sick I am of hearing about the 'greatest generation." It was a generation so great that they perpetuated Jim Crow laws throughout the U.S. made sure gays remained securely in the closet, and treated women as second class citizens. During World War II it imprisoned American citizens who happened to be of Japanese descent. It needlessly persecuted suspected 'reds' as many of them believed labor unions, Jews and communists were all cut from the same cloth. And speaking of Jews, it was a largely anti-semitic group who turned a blind eye to Jewish immigrants driven toward American shores by the rise of Nazism. Bullshit.

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