13 August 2016

This Post Concerns a Ridiculous Comment that was Submitted to this Blog and the Minor Digressions Don't Come Until the End

There was a comment submitted for a post on my blog. I have to approve a comment before it is published. This was an extraordinary event inasmuch as I get so few comments owing to the fact that most people have the sense not to read my babblings (which raises the question of what brings you here. Slumming?).  The comment was for a post about D-Day that I put up over seven years ago, titled “June 6, 1944, Has it Been 65 Years Already?” It is here linked.

The comment was left by someone going by the name of “Unknown.” An unusual name to be sure. I present the comment here verbatim: “Zionist jews sponsored World Wars.” (I was disturbed by his or her failure to capitalize Jews.)

I assume by world wars Mr. or Ms. Unknown is referring to WWI and WWII. It does not take a genius to realize this comment is total nonsense. Both world wars were unsponsored events. If you want to hold a concert, air a television program or conduct a motor race you are going to need a sponsor. Sponsors are the lifeblood of TV. But I’ll be darned if I can name a single business, individual or corporation that sponsored these wars — or any others for that matter. Usually the governments involved in such conflicts foot the bill. In fact I can’t think of an instance in recent times in which anyone outside the government has chipped in to buy grenades, rifles, helmets or even K-rations. It’s not a bad idea though. Imagine if, for example, Kellog’s had been a sponsor of the second world war, or “The D-Day invasion brought to you by Coca Cola.” Companies would get massive publicity and be forever in the history books. Countries would win too as they’d save money for such expenses as education, infrastructure and health care.

But getting back to Unknown’s specific point, if there had been a sponsor of the second world war it most certainly would not have been Jews. They probably would have been aware from the get go that the war was not going to be kind to them -- though I’m sure they never imagined how unkind. Then again they may have wanted to sponsor the Allies efforts to win the war and liberate Europe from the virulently anti-Semitic Nazis. Somehow I don’t think that’s what Unknown had in mind.

Unknown, if you’re reading this perhaps you wouldn’t mind providing some evidence for your claims. I’m sure you have some reason to suggest Jewish sponsorship. I wonder though, could you also explain why Hitler and other Nazis averred that Jews were responsible for Germany losing World War I? It was a pretty bold claim and one that was never substantiated in the slightest. It does seem odd that the very people who sponsored the war would then turn around and sabotage one side's efforts. But I’m open-minded and welcome your thoughts on the matter.

I must add at this juncture that I think our anonymous friend is guilty of spreading booshwah. One clue that a person is blowing out of their anal passage is their failure to have a scintilla of fact, truth, evidence or data. If you’re going to make an assertion about history that runs counter to conventional wisdom you are obliged to state your case. (If, Mr. or Ms. Unknown, you’re feeling litigious after I call you a racist, stupid, pea-brained, idiot — which I just did — please contact my attorney Ms. Rapunzel Adams of the law firm, Adams, Quincy and Wagstaff.

But seriously, as a particularly block headed presidential candidate is proving beyond doubt, a deficit of facts does not impede some people of presenting as gospel “something” they “heard.” Everyone has an opinion these days (which they’ve a right to) but too many people present said opinion as fact (which they’ve also got a legal right to do but a moral one not to do).

Opinions are plentiful but such niceties as truth, fact, investigation, evidence and genuine scholarship are rarely utilized and often poo pooed. The case of climate change as part of the national discourse in the US is a prime example. You have on one said a wealth of scientific research and on the other side a lot of poppycock. It staggers the imagination that a significant number of our elected representatives in Washington D.C. are on the side of poppycock. Humans! Am I right ladies and gentlemen?

Love, acceptance, forgiveness and tolerance are difficult. To hate, discriminate, and scapegoat are easy, especially for the ignorant. Trying to understand complex issues often takes an open mind and willingness to hear out conflicting sides. One most also deal in nuance and subtleties. It further requires rationality. Bit of a steep price for some.

I close now with this: today on my way to the gym I saw a morbidly obese man drinking a 24 ounce bottle of coke. I then espied another overweight man smoking a cigarette. I’ve had a difficult time sympathizing with those who complain about fat shaming. I know losing weight is difficult and a lot of people have glandular problems, but when I see — excuse my language — fat people eating large ice creams or sitting down for a fast food meal, I think the shame is all theirs. Do we enjoy seeing alcoholics drinking in public? No. But we do appreciate them when they try to stay sober. I’m just saying.

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