26 October 2013

In A World Where Lake Bell Will be a Star...We are Very Lucky

Lake Bell the star writer and director of In a World... just has that look of the kind of woman lots of men love she's pretty not beautiful -- what some might call a handsome woman -- which makes her seem available or accessible and she's intelligent and not high maintenance and funny and fun like she's got a sophisticated sense of humor and is good at being clever and snarky and has a decent education ya know like not Harvard or Princeton but maybe a really good public university or a not too snooty small private fine arts college and she's read a few books and likes movies and is not what guys consider slutty but certainly no prude and probably even likes sports or at least a sport and maybe even played one like in high school probably lacrosse or field hockey so anyway guys with a modicum of intelligence (of which there are a few) are attracted to such women because they seem like someone you could marry and really guys for the most part are way more interested in getting married then they let on and usually its the woman in the relationship who's reticent about the big step and oh yeah she looks like she'd be a good mother although she's the type who'll make noise about not wanting to have children but she'll definitely change her mind certainly by the time the biological clock starts ticking down if not sooner oh yeah and this woman also knows her own mind and wont get pushed around by any guy and there's another thing that's attractive to men because men are mostly post feminist or at least should be.

So that's my take on Lake Bell.

She looks kinda like that.

So she's a natural to appeal to audiences because she's non threatening to other women I imagine they see her as potential friend maybe even a confidant. Ms. Bell is not age specific in her appeal either. Younger people would like up to her as a big sister type and older people would see in her a favorite niece or daughter or in some instances I suppose a younger lover though I don't get that vibe from her especially as I am blissfully married (my marriage is the kind where people think: what the hell does she see in him she's so nice -- I know cause I think that myself).

As a film star Lake Bell has a niche and is good to go. As a writer she's pretty good and boasts a future and as a director she's got some work to do.

I liked In a World... although I'd hoped to love it (full disclosure I never pay coin of the realm to see a film unless I believe I'm going to go gaga over said movie). There was a messiness to the editing that bothered me. It looked like one of the movies that are edited down to the standard 90 to 100 minute run time without respect to the fact that some of said editing would hurt the film. At one point we jump one from one night to the next in an instant and it's confusing as hell. There are also subplots and characters that could have used a little fleshing out. Some of the casting was questionable but I'll not name names as its not a huge deal and I come to praise Lake Bell not to nitpick her film.

Ms. Bell plays Carol Solomon who wants to break into the exclusive and exclusively male voice over business. Her father (Fred Melamed) is one of the members of said club and he's a selfish prick. Which is to say an interesting film character. Carol also has a an admirer (Demetri Martin) who's also in the biz and a married sister (Michaela Watkins) who she has to stay with when dad boots her because dad's very young girlfriend (Alexandra Holden) is moving in. There is also one of dad's rivals who Carol sleeps with after a party and it really doesn't make sense anymore than her sister's sort of cheating on her hubby...and well there's a lot going on very quickly and its too much. Plus I'm not sure how we're supposed to feel about the manner in which Carol does or does not land a huge job (no spoilers from me) or the direction of her romance or much of anything else.

There were problems with this movie.

But there was no problem with its star who we can happily expect to see more of in the years to come certainly as an actress and if she gets it together as a director/screenwriter too.  Ms. Bell is fun to watch and listen to and root for. The combination of acting skill comedy and charm will serve her well as we see in abundance here. Indeed more of her and less of the side stuff would have improved the movie immeasurably.

In a World.... did not live up to my expectations but Ms. Bell surpassed them which makes for a good enough day at the cinema.

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