02 September 2013

Mr. Lazy's Labor Day Post

Strange day. For the first time in months I had a lazy day. Very. Greatest exertion was a two block walk to Peet's with the missus where I got a latte. Watched three movies two of which were quite short one quite long. Read a bit from Updike’s first Rabbit book.

Played a lot of Words With Friends and kept up and caught up with all the web pages I frequent -- notably twitter. Also googled some past acquaintances. No great revelations on that front. It’s a devil of thing finding people with common names. Then a lot of folks have left few traces on the web. I have left many traces and am the only person in the world whose name is Richard Hourula so am quite easy to find. Maybe you just googled me. Here I am. My email address is listed so drop me a line. Unless you’re one of the few people in my life who I found particularly odious -- hello L. Udell -- I’ll respond and do so quite quickly. Qu qu.

I’m that way. I can’t relax if there’s a personal email requiring a response that’s been sitting in my inbox for several days. There are many people who’ve I’ve written to who seem to receive emails and instantly forget that they ever arrived and that there are questions awaiting answers within them. For all my faults (and there are volumes of them) I do reply in a timely fashion. I’m also quite punctual. I hate keeping people waiting and I hate the notion of boring people and am mindful of how my part of a conversation is being received. I’m careful not to drone on or to touch upon topics that will not interest the listener. This is not always easy and I’ve certainly failed at times but I do pride myself on being self aware about such things.

One reason for my lethargy today is that I’ve worked the past 12 weeks without a break and that includes a commute that is frankly starting to wear on me. Summer at my place of employment is the most difficult time of year. Quite a contrast to my middle school teaching career when Summers were free of labor. Until two years ago I hadn’t worked in the Summer since my last Summer school gig in 1990. So I’ve been working hard and working out hard and had a few bouts of insomnia of late and there you have a recipe for someone who could stand a day of loafing. Though I was a bit too sedentary to qualifier as even a loafer today. Fortunately I have the rest of the week off too so can combine rest with getting a few non work related tasks done.

I’ll also be sure to add to this blog. Sharing thought insights and strong opinions on films I’ve viewed lately. The Hitchcock silents series at the PFA is over and I enjoyed that. Watched silents from other directors today.

Okay so all this pecking away at the keyboard has plum wore me out. It’s a few more pages of reading then off to bed for this lad. I know this wasn’t my most riveting post but I needed to do it and figure that sharing it with the world won’t do anyone any harm. I applaud your persistence in reading this far. What you lost a bet?

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