26 July 2011

At Long Last Another Edition of Riku Writes Odds and Ends (Despite the Recent Court Order Asking that I Cease and Desist Odding and Ending)

Last night the better half and I watched In the Loop (2009). It was my second viewing of the film. I really enjoyed it (again) but found it depressing (again). It is so seemingly dead on in showing how a coalition of countries can publicly position itself for war. ITL seems to be a template for the Iraq War (remember that?) though Iraq is never mentioned. There are those government bureaucrats who help war happen, not out of any philosophical bent, but because its their job. They are doing what higher ups want. People will generally just go about "doing their job" without due consideration whether it's sweeping floors, designing brochures or beating the drums for war. Indeed, how often have you heard soldiers talk about "having a job to do." Methinks I'll explore this topic more later....

I read a comment on related to the tragedy of last week in Norway in which a person proudly stated that he practiced "carry and conceal." As the name implies this means carrying a gun hidden somewhere on your person. The commenter was suggesting that wherever he traveled no crazed gunmen would carry out multiple shootings. That simply does not go far enough for me. I carry around a bazooka. If some lunatic gets ahold of a tank I'll be prepared. You're welcome in advance.....

Every now and again, for kicks and giggles I'll read some of the nonsense in my spam folder. I love this one that I got today:

Good day and how are you today?
There is information I think might interest you.  I am Mr.Silas Wiah,
I work with Barclays Bank.  First of all, I do not know if I am talking
to the right person, But I will like you to confirm if you are the owner
of this email ID. Already I have your name and details in our file in
the office,but somehow I am not comfortable and too sure that I am
communicating with the right owner of this email.
That is why I did not mention your Name, if you can prove that you are
the owner of this email ID, then I will furnish you with the information
that I have for you, when I am convinced I am talking to the right
person and will proceed with you.
I am taking this preventive measure because I do not want to talk to the
wrong person because of the sensitivity of the information regarding the
Other details will be forwarded to you as soon as I am convinced that I
am communicating with the right person.
Mr. Silas Wiah

Ya know what, I'm getting the impression that Silas here wants to make damn sure he is communicating with "the right person." I wonder if I'm said "right person"? If so, Silas has some information for me. Golly, I hope it'll make me rich.....

I used to be in a heavy metal band called Purple Scrotum that played exclusively in  on the Andes Mountain Range. (Please be aware of the fact that I am not now nor have I ever been in a band of any sort and made that bit up. Hell, I don't even like heavy metal.) We mostly played weddings but got occasional club gigs and bar mitzvah....

Guess what I've been getting from Netflix. No guess again.....Cold. Colder. Okay, okay a hint, it's a TV series from the Sixties. No, not even close. Give up? Try looking at the photo. Right! The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour. Much of the humor holds up. As you may not be aware they were very topical and controversial for their time taking on as they did nothing less than the U.S. president with their pointed humor and satire. And the guests they got! Everyone from Bette Davis and James Mason to The Who and Buffalo Springfield. I am disappointed that the episodes have been edited. What, you couldn't show us all 60 minutes? Sheesh! The show, the Brothers and Tom in particular frequently butted heads with censors and this ultimately lead to the show's premature cancellation. One might consider them TV show martyrs of the Sixties....

People have been been calling, emailing, tweeting and faxing me with their heartfelt thanks that I've been posting a lot less recently. Thanks, I guess. I started a new teaching gig in San Francisco. My students are wonderful, fantastic, terrific, young people from all over the world who get to learn the King's English from a wonderful staff and oh by the way me too. Great fun but along with a long term writing assignment, keeping me hopping....

The sad by product of my busy work schedule is that I've had to quit the Crimean War Re-Enactors club that I was so much enjoying....

As I write these words it is only five more days until Shark Week. Adding to my excitement is the fact that a former student of mine, Andy Samberg, from my early years as a middle school teacher, is hosting the fun for the Discovery Channel. Andy, as I hop you know is an SNL regular and a film star.....

I thank you for your kind attention. This blog relies on donations from readers like you to continue the kind of quality film commentary that you've yet to see here. (Even I'm not sure what that means).

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