05 February 2010

If I Don't Like the Country, Why Don't I Move?

I can't look at news websites any more because they constantly quote complete morons. I don't want nor do I need to know the ravings of lunatics. Yet they are often reported as if newsworthy. Case in point: Among the top stories today on CNN's website was word that the organizer of the Tea Party movement agrees with a former Congressman who called Barack Obama "a committed socialist ideologue."

What, they couldn't find someone who called Obama a Martian or the re-incarnation of Napoleon Bonaparte?  Do we need to know the thoughts of every idiot who manages to get ahold of a microphone?

One thing that confirms the fact that Obama is not a socialist is that I'm not dancing in the streets. I am a "committed socialist ideologue" so I would be ecstatic if we had a socialist president. We don't.

I have it on good authority that there are dictionaries and encyclopedias and books of various kinds that offer definitions of a numerous terms. Socialist among them. Conservatives in particular may want to take advantage of these wonderful sources of information.

Everyone is entitled to an opinion. I just wish that people who uttered their opinions publicly had considered opinions. You know, be able to back up what you say with a fact or two.

Instead of mislabeling people, why don't Americans try engaging in spirited debate about the issues. And how about if the media concentrates on that sort of discussion rather than giving voice to every jerk who opens his or her yap?

Ever since Obama was elected president there have been idiots of the right wing (is that an oxymoron?) making claims ranging from Obama not having been born in the U.S. to his being a Nazi. (Make up your mind, socialist or Nazi?) Fair enough, people are upset and want to ventilate, but so often its reported as news.

Of course one of the problems we have these days is what is laughingly offered as "news." There is an entire "news" network (hint: rhymes with box) that is nothing more than right wing propaganda. They don't report news, they re-interpret it for conservatives. They have a slew of blowhards whose sole purpose is to further entrench the opinions of their audience and to further inflame their passions. It is the very antithesis of journalism. This network has continually made itself part of the story meanwhile neglecting to report the story. Seriously, they hired Sara Palin to comment joining Karl Rove as one of their voices. Fair and balanced? You're kidding, right?

(Yes, MSNBC is guilty of some of the same from the left which is no excuse for Fox -- God, I miss Walter Cronkite.)

I'm not an apologist for President Obama. I don't think he's going anywhere near far enough to the left. I'm not happy at all with his policies which too me are just a tad to the left of the center.

I'm just tired of having to read utter poppycock being reported as news and intelligent people having to waste time refuting it. I swear to God sometimes this country gets on my last nerve.


Kate Gabrielle said...

Have I mentioned lately that I love your blog?

Richard Hourula said...

Thanks and I'm a big fan of your blog as well.