19 January 2010

Set Your DVRs and TIVOs Two Seconds is Going to Be on TCM!!!

About five years ago at a Pacific Film Archives Pre Code Film Festival, I saw a remarkable movie called Two Seconds (1932). Don't feel bad if you've never heard of it, it hasn't been on TCM (world's greatest TV station) nary a once these past five years. And no it's not available on DVD.

But it will finally air this Thursday January 21 at 11:45 am Eastern and 8:45 Pacific. Go set your recording devices now.... Go on, I'll wait.....

Two Seconds stars Edward G. Robinson as a man condemned to death who in the two seconds between the time the "switch is pulled" and death claims him, recalls his life. Don't worry I haven't spoiled anything, we know his fate from the get go.

Some know-nothing hacks have asserted that Robinson was guilty of chewing the scenery in this film, particularly during the courtroom scene. Balderdash! This is one of many films that proves beyond any doubt that Robinson was one of our most gifted actors.

Perhaps America's most underrated director, Mervin LeRoy, was at the helm for Two Seconds and that he tells this story in a mere 68 minutes is a testament to his talent.

So remember to catch it and thank me later.


Kate Gabrielle said...

I already had this highlighted in Now Playing but now I am REALLY REALLY looking forward to it!!

Scott said...

Set my DVR. I probably won't get to watch it anytime soon since I have about 15 other movies on there but I'll get to it eventually.

Scott said...

I just watched this film. What a great performance by Robinson. Thanks for recommending this film.