11 September 2009

Weird But True and a Quote

True story.
Little while ago I'm on the bus coming home from the gym. Driver and a passenger are chatting about this and that. Passenger says that he was recently in Europe. Says he was in one city that was really beautiful and where the people were quite friendly. Mentions a danger of pick pockets there but says he had no trouble with them. The guy never names the city. And here's the kicker: the driver never asks. I know for a fact there is more than one city in Europe. In fact, there is more than one country. The conversation then drifts in another direction.

From a recent Dave Letterman monologue: "Congress is very worried about what the health care package will cost. That's the problem, they're very worried, 'where's the money coming from, how much will this cost?' Now if it's a war nobody asks questions, 'that's fine, who cares? load up and go.'"
Ain't it the truth.

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